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1 Skaery Skaery Rising StarConstellationDoublerBlack Belt GrandmasterCan't touch this!Faster than a jiffy!Marathon 23952.34
2 [coatl] master.chief [coatl] master.chief Intermediate Medicine MavenBasic Pistol ProAdvanced Melee MasterIntermediate Melee MasterBasic Melee MasterThe Fresh MakerStrike a Nerve 20692.22
3 lylat lylat I am Ugh-ZanCapitalism, Ho!I Can be Called That TooQueen Takes OverlordThis Is Why You Were ChosenYou are Tiny.Scrake Champion 18569.14
4 Cos Cos I am Ugh-Zan4. Dude, It Was Just A Fleet Wipe4. There's Probably Medication For That4. Math Hurts4. Equated With Dead4. Nobody Likes A Bully4. Two Can Play At Disproportionate Response 17343.06
5 Dragon Dragon I'm A WallPiece of cake!Capitalism, Ho!I Can be Called That TooQueen Takes OverlordThis Is Why You Were ChosenDesecrate Omani Homelands 16890.40
6 Silentium Silentium Can't touch this!Faster than a jiffy!Egg CartonMaybe we shouldn't touch this with our hands...Let's continue on foot...Survived The Great Escape!Is it water? 13935.33
7 Gajusz Gajusz Burn it with fire!!!Science!!! (Easy)Hard complete & HardcoreNormal complete & HardcoreEasy complete & HardcoreHard completePlatinum 13476.16
8 Kaese Kaese Strawberry Spirit!Sweatin' To The Beat!Knight TimeCastle LivingThe Royal TreatmentGot RhythmIcebox Blaster 13043.07
9 The Stranger The Stranger CookChococalypse 2014They BurrowSpellcrafterMetalworkerJewelcrafterArmorer 13004.92
10 Kwasi0069 Kwasi0069 Promode, activated!God AwardLegend AwardInsane RageResistance is Not FutileDesecrate Omani HomelandsDesecrate Argos Homelands 12881.38
11 Azatoth Azatoth Complete Southern China session Coal to Gong Tang Power StationComplete ECML session Hull ExecutiveExperienced DriverQualified Steam DriverComplete Mojave session The DPU PushComplete ECML session HST Southbound ExpressComplete session Army Operations 12642.00
13 Arek Arek The Sun Still Shines (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty)The Sun Still Shines (Madness (Adventure) difficulty)Can you bear it? So much bearness! (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty)Can you bear it? So much bearness! (Madness (Adventure) difficulty)Don't Poosh it! (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty)Don't Poosh it! (Madness (Adventure) difficulty)Lichform (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty) 12185.50
14 Stexred Stexred Oh Joy!I'm a passionate guyJust Spend Your Money (6)Just Spend Your Money (5)MetalworkerJewelcrafterCave Dwellers 12033.94
15 Viper Viper Desecrate Omani HomelandsDesecrate Argos HomelandsFriendly Mine TrapMarksmanLongshotDominatingThis Is Sparta! 11415.10

Hardest achievements

Rank Achievement Points
1 Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin 4.38
2 Defeat Seath the Scaleless Defeat Seath the Scaleless 4.38
3 Defeat Bed of Chaos Defeat Bed of Chaos 4.38
4 Defeat Gravelord Nito Defeat Gravelord Nito 4.38
5 Art of Abysswalking Art of Abysswalking 4.38
6 Chaos Weapon Chaos Weapon 4.38

Easiest achievements

Rank Achievement Points
1 Satan Claus Satan Claus 0.001
2 Welcome to Earth, Motherfucker. Welcome to Earth, Motherfucker. 0.001
3 a scalpel a scalpel 0.001
4 Beyond the Veil Beyond the Veil 0.001
5 On the Shoulders of Giants On the Shoulders of Giants 0.001
6 Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning 0.001

Newest unlocks

Player Achievement Points Unlocked
EVGENIY SAVCHENKO EVGENIY SAVCHENKO Speed Tiger Speed Tiger 0.60 26/11/2014 10:49:46
EVGENIY SAVCHENKO EVGENIY SAVCHENKO The Lord of the Two Rings The Lord of the Two Rings 0.60 26/11/2014 10:40:56
Leonia Leonia Richer Than A Queen Richer Than A Queen 2.45 26/11/2014 10:40:41
EVGENIY SAVCHENKO EVGENIY SAVCHENKO Race at five o'clock sharp Race at five o'clock sharp 0.60 26/11/2014 10:17:45
EVGENIY SAVCHENKO EVGENIY SAVCHENKO Hello World! Hello World! 0.60 26/11/2014 10:07:57
EVGENIY SAVCHENKO EVGENIY SAVCHENKO Short but Intense Short but Intense 0.60 26/11/2014 09:46:11
EVGENIY SAVCHENKO EVGENIY SAVCHENKO In the Brno woods In the Brno woods 0.60 26/11/2014 09:34:47
Z4XC Z4XC By Royal Decree By Royal Decree 0.73 26/11/2014 09:27:27
icewind icewind Drunkard Drunkard 1.81 26/11/2014 09:23:13
rentarrow rentarrow That New Showroom Smell That New Showroom Smell 0.46 26/11/2014 09:07:58
EVGENIY SAVCHENKO EVGENIY SAVCHENKO Racing Model Racing Model 0.60 26/11/2014 09:06:53
Z4XC Z4XC Friendly Competition Friendly Competition 1.07 26/11/2014 09:01:44
Z4XC Z4XC Minecrafting Minecrafting 1.51 26/11/2014 09:00:16
Z4XC Z4XC Strike The Earth! Strike The Earth! 1.33 26/11/2014 08:59:17
EVGENIY SAVCHENKO EVGENIY SAVCHENKO Make no mistake… Make no mistake… 0.60 26/11/2014 08:57:24

New or updated games

Game Achievements
Escape Dead Island Escape Dead Island 60 + 10
Star Ruler 2 Star Ruler 2 14 + 1
Tales from the Borderlands Tales from the Borderlands 7 + 7
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions 30 + 30
Soul Axiom Soul Axiom 61 + 61
Haunted House: Cryptic Graves Haunted House: Cryptic Graves 18 + 18
If My Heart Had Wings If My Heart Had Wings 20 + 20
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams 25 + 5
Pinball FX2 Pinball FX2 98 + 2
Viscera Cleanup Detail Viscera Cleanup Detail 18 + 6
MotoGP™14 Compact MotoGP™14 Compact 15 + 1
Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade 16 + 16
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 64 + 13
Over 9000 Zombies! Over 9000 Zombies! 32 + 1

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