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Rank Player Best achievements Points
1 Skaery Skaery Rising StarConstellationDoublerBlack Belt GrandmasterCan't touch this!Faster than a jiffy!Let's continue on foot... 23944.05
2 [coatl] master.chief [coatl] master.chief Intermediate Medicine MavenBasic Pistol ProAdvanced Melee MasterIntermediate Melee MasterBasic Melee MasterThe Fresh MakerStrike a Nerve 20706.14
3 lylat lylat Capitalism, Ho!I Can be Called That TooQueen Takes OverlordThis Is Why You Were ChosenYou are Tiny.Scrake ChampionHero of Heroes 18264.44
4 Cos Cos 4. Dude, It Was Just A Fleet Wipe4. There's Probably Medication For That4. Math Hurts4. Equated With Dead4. Nobody Likes A BullyRedial4. Two Can Play At Disproportionate Response 17045.20
5 Dragon Dragon I'm A WallCapitalism, Ho!I Can be Called That TooQueen Takes OverlordThis Is Why You Were ChosenPiece of cake!Hero of Heroes 16889.59
6 Silentium Silentium Can't touch this!Faster than a jiffy!Let's continue on foot...Egg CartonMaybe we shouldn't touch this with our hands...Survived The Great Escape!Lightspeed 13931.28
7 Gajusz Gajusz Burn it with fire!!!Science!!! (Easy)Hard complete & HardcoreNormal complete & HardcoreEasy complete & HardcoreHard completePlatinum 13492.33
8 Kaese Kaese Strawberry Spirit!Sweatin' To The Beat!Knight TimeCastle LivingComplete N&W session Eastbound Coal TrainThe Royal TreatmentGot Rhythm 13043.07
9 Kwasi0069 Kwasi0069 Promode, activated!God AwardLegend AwardInsane RageResistance is Not FutileDesecrate Omani HomelandsDesecrate Argos Homelands 12879.00
10 The Stranger The Stranger CookChococalypse 2014They BurrowSpellcrafterMetalworkerJewelcrafterArmorer 12805.92
11 Azatoth Azatoth Complete Southern China session Coal to Gong Tang Power StationComplete ECML session Hull ExecutiveExperienced DriverQualified Steam DriverComplete Mojave session The DPU PushComplete ECML session HST Southbound ExpressComplete session Army Operations 12635.22
13 Arek Arek The Sun Still Shines (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty)The Sun Still Shines (Madness (Adventure) difficulty)Can you bear it? So much bearness! (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty)Can you bear it? So much bearness! (Madness (Adventure) difficulty)Don't Poosh it! (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty)Don't Poosh it! (Madness (Adventure) difficulty)Lichform (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty) 12083.02
14 Stexred Stexred Oh Joy!I'm a passionate guyJust Spend Your Money (6)Just Spend Your Money (5)MetalworkerJewelcrafterCave Dwellers 12036.50
15 Viper Viper Desecrate Omani HomelandsDesecrate Argos HomelandsFriendly Mine TrapMarksmanLongshotDominatingThis Is Sparta! 11417.23

Hardest achievements

Rank Achievement Points
1 Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla 4.38
2 Defeat the Four Kings Defeat the Four Kings 4.38
3 Lordvessel Lordvessel 4.38
4 Reach Anor Londo Reach Anor Londo 4.38
5 Rite of Kindling Rite of Kindling 4.38
6 Ring the Bell (Quelaag's Domain) Ring the Bell (Quelaag's Domain) 4.38

Easiest achievements

Rank Achievement Points
1 Jewel of the Nile Jewel of the Nile 0.001
2 Satan Claus Satan Claus 0.001
3 Freedom! Freedom! 0.001
4 Patron of the Arts Patron of the Arts 0.001
5 Welcome to Earth, Motherfucker. Welcome to Earth, Motherfucker. 0.001
6 a scalpel a scalpel 0.001

Newest unlocks

Player Achievement Points Unlocked
jacepaw jacepaw For a Few Skills More For a Few Skills More 1.16 23/11/2014 01:02:56
Skipper Skipper The whole story The whole story 1.04 23/11/2014 00:52:13
Skipper Skipper One of a kind One of a kind 1.16 23/11/2014 00:52:13
=(LMK)= Chopper Dave =(LMK)= Chopper Dave Shallow waters master Shallow waters master 0.79 23/11/2014 00:44:55
=(LMK)= Chopper Dave =(LMK)= Chopper Dave Slippery Slippery 0.62 23/11/2014 00:39:19
=(LMK)= Chopper Dave =(LMK)= Chopper Dave All star All star 0.65 23/11/2014 00:39:18
=(LMK)= Chopper Dave =(LMK)= Chopper Dave Fresh fish Fresh fish 0.61 23/11/2014 00:39:07
=(LMK)= Chopper Dave =(LMK)= Chopper Dave Cabin boy Cabin boy 0.61 23/11/2014 00:39:03
=(LMK)= Chopper Dave =(LMK)= Chopper Dave Empowered Empowered 0.61 23/11/2014 00:38:45
Rhy Rhy Death Cam, No Death Death Cam, No Death 1.96 23/11/2014 00:33:11
SL_Green SL_Green Big Shot Big Shot 0.32 23/11/2014 00:27:28
Seiden Seiden Decisive Victory: Contact Decisive Victory: Contact 1.34 23/11/2014 00:18:48
Skipper Skipper Complete the game Complete the game 0.98 23/11/2014 00:14:36
Skipper Skipper Puzzle expert Puzzle expert 1.08 23/11/2014 00:14:30
Seiden Seiden Ground Control II (Coop) Ground Control II (Coop) 0.82 23/11/2014 00:12:52

New or updated games

Game Achievements
Motorama Motorama 21 + 21
GhostshipAftermath GhostshipAftermath 36 + 15
Windward Windward 30 + 1
The Good Life The Good Life 33 + 13
MotoGP™14 Compact MotoGP™14 Compact 15 + 1
Rock Zombie Rock Zombie 27 + 27
Death Skid Marks Death Skid Marks 30 + 30
TOME: Immortal Arena TOME: Immortal Arena 37 + 37
Final Rush Final Rush 27 + 8
Data Hacker: Corruption Data Hacker: Corruption 70 + 3
Magical Battle Festa Magical Battle Festa 56 + 56
Viscera Cleanup Detail Viscera Cleanup Detail 18 + 6
Bloons TD5 Bloons TD5 118 + 118
Solar Struggle Solar Struggle 37 + 37
Gems of War Gems of War 23 + 23

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