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Talisman - The Highland Expansion


11 achievements worth of 8.45 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Savings Snatcher Savings Snatcher As the Rogue, take all the Gold from a character that currently has 5 or more. 11/20/2014 18:22:13 0.96
There Can be Only One There Can be Only One As the Highlander, kill another Highlander character. 11/20/2014 18:22:13 1.25
Waste Not, Want Not Waste Not, Want Not As the Alchemist, alchemise 20 pieces of Gold. 11/20/2014 18:22:13 0.78
Hey, Watch Out! Hey, Watch Out! 'Accidentally' cause the Tumbling Boulder to land on another character. 11/20/2014 18:22:13 0.47
Climb to the Top Climb to the Top Make your way to the Eyrie and defeat the Eagle King. 11/20/2014 18:22:14 0.06
Dragon Tamer Dragon Tamer Use the Dragon's Eye to capture and use a Dragon in battle. 11/20/2014 18:22:14 0.65
The Cursed Hand of Doom The Cursed Hand of Doom Cause all players to lose the game. 11/20/2014 18:22:14 0.99
Sharp Eyed Friend Sharp Eyed Friend Use the Magpie to find an Object quicker than usual. 11/20/2014 18:22:15 0.40
Sharing is Caring Sharing is Caring As the Vampiress, relinquish one or more of your followers to the Vampire at the Vampires Tower. 11/20/2014 18:22:15 0.95
Kindred Spirits Kindred Spirits As the Sprite, have the Pixie and encounter a Fairy. 11/20/2014 18:22:15 1.21
Keeping One's Intentions in the Dark Keeping One's Intentions in the Dark As the Valkyrie, pray at the Graveyard with Good Alignment. 11/20/2014 18:22:15 0.71

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