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Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

9.2 average hours needed for completion.

12 achievements worth of 10.47 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Largo Embargo Complete Largo Embargo Complete Complete Part One: Largo Embargo. 0.65
Four Map Pieces Complete Four Map Pieces Complete Complete Part Two: Four Map Pieces. 0.78
LeChuck's Fortress Complete LeChuck's Fortress Complete Complete Part Three: LeChuck's Fortress. 0.79
A True Pirate A True Pirate Complete the game. 0.81
Speed Demon Speed Demon Finish the game in under three hours. 1.28
Monkey Master Monkey Master Beat the game without using one hint. 1.01
Free Thinker Free Thinker Beat the game using fewer than 10 hints. 0.99
Keeping it Old School Keeping it Old School Switch to classic mode at least once. 0.58
Five Minutes Later... Five Minutes Later... Allow Guybrush to die. 0.93
Turning the Lights Out Turning the Lights Out Complete the game by using object highlighting five times or less. 0.92
Helium Inhaler Helium Inhaler Guybrush inhales some helium. 0.87
Call 9-1-1 Call 9-1-1 Call the LucasArts helpdesk when walking through the jungle on Dinky Island. 0.86

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