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Big Pharma

Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice

48.6 average hours needed for completion.

25 achievements worth of 42.65 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Tutored Tutored Complete all the tutorial levels 08/29/2015 13:08:07 0.49
Home Remedies Home Remedies Complete every challenge in the Beginner scenario. 08/29/2015 13:08:07 1.09
High Street Chain High Street Chain Complete every challenge in the Intermediate scenario. 08/29/2015 13:08:08 1.67
Big Pharmacist Big Pharmacist Complete every challenge in the Advanced scenario. 08/29/2015 13:08:08 2.04
On Your Marks On Your Marks Complete every challenge in the Quick Start scenario. 08/29/2015 13:08:08 2.31
Debt Buster Debt Buster Complete every challenge in the Crippling Debt scenario. 08/29/2015 13:08:08 2.40
An Expansive Achievement An Expansive Achievement Complete every challenge in the Room to Maneuver scenario. 08/29/2015 13:08:08 2.49
Spoilt for Choice Spoilt for Choice Complete every challenge in the Full Unlock scenario. 08/29/2015 13:08:09 2.52
Expert Expert Complete 20 challenges with an Expert rating or higher. 08/29/2015 13:08:09 2.27
Master Master Complete 20 challenges with a Master rating. 08/29/2015 13:08:10 2.40
The Big Three The Big Three Sell a product which cures Alzheimer's Disease, Cures HIV and is a Cancer Vaccine. 08/29/2015 13:08:10 1.88
May Contain Side-Effects May Contain Side-Effects Sell a product which contains four different active catalysts. 08/29/2015 13:08:11 1.94
The Cancer Contradiction The Cancer Contradiction Sell a product which Combats Cancer and is Carginogenic 08/29/2015 13:08:12 2.10
The Headache Contradiction The Headache Contradiction Sell a product which Eases Migraine and Causes Headaches 08/29/2015 13:08:12 1.27
The Blood Pressure Contradiction The Blood Pressure Contradiction Sell a product which Relieves Hypertension and Increases Blood Pressure. 08/29/2015 13:08:13 1.27
The Anxiety Contradiction The Anxiety Contradiction Sell a product which Reduces Anxiety and Encourages Anxiety. 08/29/2015 13:08:14 2.04
The Breathing Contradiction The Breathing Contradiction Sell a product which Eases Asthma and Causes Breathing Difficulties. 08/29/2015 13:08:15 1.82
Land Owner Land Owner Purchase every available plot on a 3x3 or larger map. 08/29/2015 13:08:16 1.48
Collided! Collided! Use a Hadron Collider 08/29/2015 13:08:17 1.23
Indebted Indebted Take out all three loans at the same time 08/29/2015 13:08:17 0.96
Over Analysis Over Analysis Successfully analyse at least 20 different effects within a single game 08/29/2015 13:08:17 1.07
Diversified Portfolio Diversified Portfolio Simultaneously sell one Pill, Cream, Syringe and Sachet. 08/29/2015 13:08:18 1.40
Patented! Patented! Simultaneously own 5 active patents. 08/29/2015 13:08:18 1.44
The Creator The Creator Create and export a set of custom game settings. 08/29/2015 13:08:19 1.43
Rolling the Dice Rolling the Dice Include at least one random starting research and disabled research in a custom game. 08/29/2015 13:08:19 1.62

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