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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

116.1 average hours needed for completion.

54 achievements worth of 68.70 points
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Shell shock Shell shock You met a talking shell called Ishmashell. 10/27/2015 17:11:13 0.58
Is anyone home? Is anyone home? You defeated the four elemental demons, unlocking the prison of... 10/27/2015 17:11:13 0.89
Trick bag Trick bag You've found the legendary teleportation devices of Rivellon! 10/27/2015 17:11:14 0.52
Caught in the game Caught in the game You tried to sneak past the guards... And failed! 10/27/2015 17:11:14 1.32
The world needs guts The world needs guts You found a job for the unemployed with the Fabulous Five! 10/27/2015 17:11:14 1.16
The one that got away The one that got away Esmeralda was freed from prison. 10/27/2015 17:11:15 1.65
Suspicious minds Suspicious minds You've found your primary suspect. 10/27/2015 17:11:16 0.54
I walked with a zombie I walked with a zombie You defeated Evelyn and found Councillor Jake. 10/27/2015 17:11:16 0.83
The mind is a terrible thing to test The mind is a terrible thing to test You passed the test! Well, one of many. 10/27/2015 17:11:17 0.91
Live undead Live undead You informed Selenia about the source of the undead. 10/27/2015 17:11:17 1.02
Escape Escape You safely returned to the surface after the collapse of the mines. 10/27/2015 17:11:17 1.18
Leave my girl alone Leave my girl alone You saved Bonnie! 10/27/2015 17:11:17 0.99
Kingdom come Kingdom come You made Archibald king of the trolls. 10/27/2015 17:11:18 1.73
Keelhauled Keelhauled You killed the ghost of Pontius Pirate. 10/27/2015 17:11:18 0.85
The mirror inside The mirror inside You have solved the puzzle that we call the Mirror Dungeon puzzle. 10/27/2015 17:11:18 0.80
You and me You and me Sam and Maxine are going to be wed! 10/27/2015 17:11:19 0.98
Whisky in the jar Whisky in the jar You brewed a fine whisky for Hershel. 10/27/2015 17:11:19 1.52
Find the White Witch Find the White Witch You have rescued the White Witch. 10/27/2015 17:11:20 1.10
Into the Void Into the Void You have met Leandra in Hiberheim. 10/27/2015 17:11:21 1.06
Forged in fire Forged in fire And water. And air. And earth. 10/27/2015 17:11:21 1.09
Gimme shelter Gimme shelter You have saved the Homestead at the Shelter Plane at the End of Time. 10/27/2015 17:11:21 1.26
Peace sells Peace sells You found a way to open the barrier without harming any mushrooms. 10/27/2015 17:11:22 0.98
Headlines Headlines You talked to Icara and learned more about Leandra's plans. 10/27/2015 17:11:22 1.29
Wicked young man Wicked young man You locked up Arhu and forced him to become human. 10/27/2015 17:11:23 1.86
To hell with the devil To hell with the devil You have killed Cassandra to get hold of the soulforge repair ritual. 10/27/2015 17:11:24 1.51
Feeble screams from forests unknown Feeble screams from forests unknown You have safely entered Phantom Forest. 10/27/2015 17:11:24 1.29
The wizard The wizard You have found Zandalor. 10/27/2015 17:11:25 1.38
The Deal The Deal You helped Jahan face his demons. 10/27/2015 17:11:25 1.33
Sleeping village Sleeping village You made it into Hunter's Edge. 10/27/2015 17:11:25 1.22
Amazing Amazing You have solved Bellegar's maze. 10/27/2015 17:11:26 1.55
Grizzled finale Grizzled finale You have made it into the Source Temple. 10/27/2015 17:11:26 1.36
Skull crushing finale Skull crushing finale You have finished the Trial of Ascension. 10/27/2015 17:11:26 1.39
Baaaah. Baaaah. You have met the legendary weresheep! 10/27/2015 17:11:26 1.61
Sacrifice Sacrifice You came face-to-face with Mangoth himself. MANGOTH! 10/27/2015 17:11:27 1.22
Time to kill Time to kill You have created a spell that makes Death Knights vulnerable. 10/27/2015 17:11:27 1.27
Push it Push it You pushed this one button we wanted you to push. Congratulations! 10/27/2015 17:11:28 0.88
Grande finale Grande finale You have totally, completely, and utterly finished the game. 10/27/2015 17:11:28 1.40
Captain Jack Captain Jack You found a job for the unemployed. They will work for Captain Jack. 10/27/2015 17:11:29 0.88
Mister nice guy Mister nice guy You delivered Blossius' will to Marisa totally unaltered. 10/27/2015 17:11:29 1.04
Fabulous disaster Fabulous disaster The Fabulous Five packed their bags and left town. 10/27/2015 17:11:31 0.90
You keep me rockin You keep me rockin You kept the Tenebrium for yourself. 10/27/2015 17:11:31 1.86
Truth be told Truth be told Get Brandon to tell you the truth about the mining guild. 10/27/2015 17:11:31 1.22
Never Say Die Never Say Die You finished the game in honour mode. 10/27/2015 17:11:32 2.50
Kill With Power Kill With Power You finished the game in tactician mode. 10/27/2015 17:11:32 1.90
Hey Hey Do The Zombie Stomp Hey Hey Do The Zombie Stomp Zombie Nick will now do your bidding. 10/27/2015 17:11:33 0.90
The Glimmer Twins The Glimmer Twins You soulforged Leandra and Icara. 10/27/2015 17:11:33 1.48
King Crab King Crab You have entered the Gnik Barc Nni. 10/27/2015 17:11:33 1.39
You've Got That Something Special You've Got That Something Special Learn all the skills of one skill tree. 10/27/2015 17:11:34 1.53
Wolfpack Wolfpack Finish the game with the Lone Wolf trait. 10/27/2015 17:11:34 1.94
Stray Cat Strut Stray Cat Strut Arhu is a cat forever! If you ever have a problem with mice, you know who to call. 10/27/2015 17:11:35 1.64
That Voice Again That Voice Again You've given Wolgraff his voice back. 10/27/2015 17:11:35 1.60
Father Lucifer Father Lucifer You helped Bairdotr deal with Jareth. 10/27/2015 17:11:35 1.54
Sister of Mercy Sister of Mercy You've taught Madora the value of mercy. 10/27/2015 17:11:36 2.22
Memory Motel Memory Motel You've found a silky souvenir. 10/27/2015 17:11:37 0.65

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