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Layers of Fear: InheritanceLayers of Fear - Soundtrack

17.6 average hours needed for completion.

27 achievements worth of 34.83 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
It's covered up for a reason It's covered up for a reason Get working on your Magnum Opus 11/13/2015 14:44:13 0.61
Sketchbook of the damned Sketchbook of the damned Uncovered the developers' faces 11/13/2015 14:44:14 0.99
The artist's impression The artist's impression Collect a rat sketch 11/13/2015 14:44:14 0.66
You might have a problem You might have a problem Gather all drawings of rodents 11/13/2015 14:44:14 1.61
It rings a bell It rings a bell Discover an echo from the past 11/13/2015 14:44:14 0.62
Whispers long forgotten Whispers long forgotten Recall every word you said 11/13/2015 14:44:14 1.58
Scraps of love Scraps of love Find a memento of your family 11/13/2015 14:44:14 0.64
Immortalized in my heart Immortalized in my heart Gather all family mementos 11/13/2015 14:44:14 1.61
Finishing touch Finishing touch Complete a painting 11/13/2015 14:44:15 0.89
I know what I want I know what I want Reach a conclusive ending 11/13/2015 14:44:15 1.32
Omniscient Omniscient Witnessed all outcomes 11/13/2015 14:44:15 1.74
It was worth a try It was worth a try Dialed 911 11/13/2015 14:44:15 1.31
Instinct of self-preservation Instinct of self-preservation Heeded the warning 11/13/2015 14:44:15 1.10
Artist's struggle Artist's struggle Embrace death for the first time 11/13/2015 14:44:15 0.77
Inspired OCD Inspired OCD Search 100 drawers and cabinets 11/13/2015 14:44:15 0.71
Those eyes can pierce a man's soul Those eyes can pierce a man's soul Marveled at the Furboy's portrait for a total of 5 minutes 11/13/2015 14:44:16 1.41
Art Connoisseur Art Connoisseur Gaze at paintings for a total of an hour 11/13/2015 14:44:16 1.53
Wanderer Wanderer Take a thousand steps 11/13/2015 14:44:16 0.62
Let Bygones Be Bygones Let Bygones Be Bygones Accepted your father's apology. 07/20/2016 20:16:41 1.47
Too Little, Too Late Too Little, Too Late Refused to forgive in the end. 07/20/2016 20:16:41 1.50
The Tree and the Apple The Tree and the Apple Discovered your true inheritance. 07/20/2016 20:16:42 1.89
The Big Picture The Big Picture Assemble all the puzzle pieces. 07/20/2016 20:16:42 1.71
I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday Recalled all your childhood memories. 07/20/2016 20:16:42 1.48
Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time Watched the entire Little Red Riding Hood story. 07/20/2016 20:16:42 1.76
Sword Of The Serpent Sword Of The Serpent Slayed the evil serpent roaming the land of the fables. 07/20/2016 20:16:43 1.81
Preferred Parent Preferred Parent Stuck to one parent's side through the entirety of the quarrel vision. 07/20/2016 20:16:43 1.59
This could be important This could be important Read every note in the game. 07/20/2016 20:16:44 1.90

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