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558.0 average hours needed for completion.

48 achievements worth of 73.53 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Friend in Need Friend in Need Join a faction. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.63
Time is on our side Time is on our side Reach 1948. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.84
Canada First Canada First Join Axis as Canada . 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.03
We'll build it in a day We'll build it in a day Research Construction V. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.69
Transport Tycoon Transport Tycoon Have at least 1000 convoys. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.75
Destroyer of Worlds Destroyer of Worlds Deploy a nuke. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.88
Wunderwaffen Wunderwaffen Research all rocket, nuclear and jet technologies. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.81
United Netherlands United Netherlands Conquer Belgium and Luxembourg as Netherlands . 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.21
Vive la France Vive la France Reach 1948 as France without capitulating or surrendering. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.22
Master of War Master of War Fully research a land, air and naval doctrine tree. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.95
Mine is bigger than yours Mine is bigger than yours Lead a faction with at least 20 members. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.02
No country for old men No country for old men Reach 0 manpower with Scraping the Barrel as Conscription Law. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.25
Poland can into space Poland can into space Finish all Rocket Technologies as Poland. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.35
True Blitzkrieg True Blitzkrieg As Germany have both Poland and France surrender before January 1st 1940. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.00
Northern Light Northern Light As a Scandinavian country form your own faction, and have Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in it. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.54
Nobody expects... Nobody expects... As Nationalist Spain in Axis manage to take Paris before the Germans. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.35
The bell tolls for us The bell tolls for us Win Spanish Civil War as Republican Spain. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.17
The Revolution Triumphant The Revolution Triumphant Have Germany as a puppet of Soviet. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.28
Once More Mate Once More Mate Occupy Gallipoli as Australia. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.61
Forge of Victory Forge of Victory Have 50 factories as Belgium. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.31
Sunset Invasion Sunset Invasion Occupy a coastal province in Europe as Mexico, and if in a faction have it contain only South American members or puppets. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.60
Duce Nuked'em Duce Nuked'em Nuke Los Angeles as fascist Italy. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.61
Operation Sea Lion Operation Sea Lion Control British mainland as Germany. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 0.99
One Empire One Empire Unite the entire world under the British Empire. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.61
Party like it's 1520 Party like it's 1520 Occupy Stockholm as communist Denmark. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.47
Med plutonium... Med plutonium... Nuke Denmark as Sweden. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.66
The Revenge of Montezuma The Revenge of Montezuma Restore the old borders with USA as Mexico. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.42
Big Entente Big Entente As France, complete the “Little Entente” National Focus, and have all German cores owned by you or someone in your faction. 06/06/2016 20:06:45 1.40
New World Order New World Order Make all nations fascist. 06/06/2016 20:06:46 1.40
Bearer of Artillery Bearer of Artillery Gain Vojtek as commander 06/06/2016 20:06:46 1.69
Awake and Angry Awake and Angry As China, reconquer all of China and Manchuria and force a Japanese surrender. 02/22/2018 17:15:53 2.14
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Romance of the Three Kingdoms As China, puppet and then annex Yunnan and Guangxi Clique. 02/22/2018 17:15:54 2.01
Sun Tzu Reborn Sun Tzu Reborn As Any Chinese Nation, have a level 9 field marshal. 02/22/2018 17:15:56 2.13
The People Have Stood Up! The People Have Stood Up! With Mao as your leader, win the Chinese Civil War. 02/22/2018 17:15:56 1.97
Made in China Made in China As Communist China, have over 100 military factories. 02/22/2018 17:15:57 1.96
Tojo Shot First Tojo Shot First As Japan, nuke a core territory of the US before the US develops nuclear weapons. 02/22/2018 17:15:58 2.11
Sunrise Invasion Sunrise Invasion As Japan, conquer Mexico then Europe before 1945. 02/22/2018 17:15:59 2.17
The Dragon Swallowed the Sun The Dragon Swallowed the Sun As Manchukuo, break free from Japan and annex your former Overlord without being in a faction. 02/22/2018 17:16:00 2.05
Hail to the Qing Hail to the Qing As Manchukuo, restore the Qing dynasty. 02/22/2018 17:16:00 1.99
The Good, the Bad and the Weird The Good, the Bad and the Weird As Manchukuo, have max level infrastructure in every owned state and generate at least 15 units of oil. 02/22/2018 17:16:01 1.94
Battlecry Battlecry As a warlord, conquer all of China and Japan. 02/22/2018 17:16:02 2.21
Panda-monium Panda-monium As a warlord, be at war with all chinese nations simultaneously. 02/22/2018 17:16:02 2.08
Make a Man Out Of You Make a Man Out Of You As a warlord, have at least 1.000.000 manpower queued up for deployment. 02/22/2018 17:16:03 2.11
Our Other Place in the Sun Our Other Place in the Sun As Imperial Germany, conquer a Caribbean island. 02/22/2018 17:16:04 1.90
Australia-Hungary Australia-Hungary As Australia, own all core territory of Hungary. 02/22/2018 17:16:04 2.12
My Ships Don't Lie My Ships Don't Lie As Columbia, form Gran Colombia and have 10 Carriers and 10 Battleships. 02/22/2018 17:16:05 2.12
I Swear I’m Not a Byzantophile I Swear I’m Not a Byzantophile As Greece, Form Byzantine Empire. 02/22/2018 17:16:06 2.07
Monarchy is Back In Fashion Monarchy is Back In Fashion As Germany, bring back the Kaiser and ensure that Italy is controlled by Victor Emmanuel by killing Mussolini. 02/22/2018 17:16:06 1.70

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