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Disco Destruction

1.0 average hours needed for completion.

6 achievements worth of 0.00 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Killing Flies Killing Flies You probably have too much free time in your hands. But, don't worry. We are all in the same boat... 12/07/2017 09:07:51 0.00
Train Man Train Man Now, tell us the truth. Didn't you enjoy being "on rails"? 12/09/2017 21:25:52 0.00
Open for Business Open for Business You pulled the lever. You got an achievement. This is a good game. 5/5. 12/09/2017 21:25:52 0.00
Shitty Music Shitty Music "You played shitty music" he said. And he was trying to be polite. 12/09/2017 21:25:53 0.00
Literally Shitty Music Literally Shitty Music What exactly did you expect to happen? 12/09/2017 21:25:54 0.00
Gone Shopping Gone Shopping Feels good to own stuff, doesn't it? Just remember: Nothing in life (or Disco Destruction) is permanent. 12/09/2017 21:25:55 0.00

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