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54.9 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Stomped! Stomped! 2.01 12/12/2019 12:35:05
Win a stock match of 3 or more without losing a single stock. (Showdown)
Victory! Victory! 2.02 12/12/2019 12:10:25
Finish the game. (King Knight)
Cartography King Cartography King 2.13 12/12/2019 12:10:24
Find and complete all stages and stage paths, and defeat all wandering travelers. (King Knight)
Merit Badge Merit Badge 2.22 12/12/2019 11:51:49
Collect all Merit Medals. (King Knight)
House Champ House Champ 2.15 12/12/2019 11:16:13
Clear all 4 houses of Joustus, and win the final battle... (King Knight)
King of Cards King of Cards 2.20 12/12/2019 11:05:42
Defeat every possible Joustus opponent. (King Knight)
I'm a Cheater! I'm a Cheater! 2.28 12/12/2019 10:16:43
Use each one of Chester's Cheat Cards. (King Knight)
Decked Out Decked Out 2.24 12/12/2019 09:27:09
Acquire all armor, heirlooms, fancy things, and upgrades. (King Knight)
Get Out Of My Room! Get Out Of My Room! 2.09 12/11/2019 09:38:20
Find King Knight's secret room! (King Knight)
Patron of the Arts Patron of the Arts 2.02 12/11/2019 06:58:14
Commission a finished portrait! (King Knight)
Gem Sweep Gem Sweep 1.87 12/11/2019 02:43:05
In a Joustus match with more than one gem, win by claiming every gem. (King Knight)
Victory! Victory! 1.09 09/18/2015 07:15:26
Finish the game. (Plague Knight)
Hall Villain Hall Villain 1.33 09/18/2015 04:36:45
Clear the the Hall of Champions in 3 minutes and 30 seconds or less. (Plague Knight)
Get Out Of My Room! Get Out Of My Room! 1.09 09/18/2015 03:03:19
Find Plague Knight's secret room. (Plague Knight)
Creep Creep 1.32 09/18/2015 01:27:01
Watch all of Mona's dance. (Plague Knight)
Untouched Untouched 1.06 07/02/2014 00:27:38
Emerge unscathed from a battle with any Knight of the Order of No Quarter. (Shovel Knight)
Shovel Economy Shovel Economy 1.05 07/02/2014 00:27:38
Finish a level and swing the Shovel Blade fewer than 20 times. (Shovel Knight)
HurryUp! HurryUp! 1.64 07/02/2014 00:27:37
Beat the game within 1 hour and 30 minutes. (Shovel Knight)
I'm Alive! I'm Alive! 0.45 07/02/2014 00:27:36
Finish any stage without dying. (Shovel Knight)
Impossible! Impossible! 1.58 06/28/2014 11:04:36
Finish the game without dying. (Shovel Knight)
Perfect Platformer Perfect Platformer 1.57 06/28/2014 11:04:36
Finish the game without falling into a bottomless pit. (Shovel Knight)
Dirt Poor Dirt Poor 1.33 06/28/2014 08:56:43
Don't collect any gold for an entire Order of No Quarter stage. (Shovel Knight)
Another Dimension Another Dimension 0.66 06/28/2014 08:42:01
Collect 2000 worth of gold lying on spikes, while using the Phase Locket. (Shovel Knight)
Reflect Lord Reflect Lord 0.87 06/28/2014 08:06:38
Hit enemies with a reflected projectile 30 times. (Shovel Knight)
Super Sphere Super Sphere 1.04 06/28/2014 07:52:40
Destroy 5 enemies within 5 seconds using the Chaos Spheres. (Shovel Knight)
Clearing a Path Clearing a Path 1.29 06/28/2014 07:52:22
Run over 5 enemies using the same Mobile Gear. (Shovel Knight)
Flying Feat Flying Feat 1.08 06/28/2014 07:42:38
Defeat 3 enemies using the Propeller Dagger without touching the ground. (Shovel Knight)
Reflected Riches Reflected Riches 1.16 06/28/2014 07:38:56
Bounce the same Alchemical Coin 5 times in a row. (Shovel Knight)
Sparker Sparker 0.82 06/28/2014 07:29:42
Finish off any boss using the Ground Spark technique. (Shovel Knight)
No Damage! No Damage! 1.06 06/28/2014 07:25:19
Finish any Stage without taking damage. (Shovel Knight)
True Shovelry True Shovelry 1.55 06/27/2014 09:20:01
Beat the game without collecting any relics. (Shovel Knight)
Penny Pincher Penny Pincher 1.52 06/27/2014 09:20:01
Finish the game without spending any money. (Shovel Knight)
Music Lover Music Lover 1.24 06/27/2014 05:57:25
Obtain all song scrolls. (Shovel Knight)
Relic Roundtable Relic Roundtable 0.94 06/27/2014 05:55:02
Defeat an enemy by using each relic. (Shovel Knight)
Again! Again! 1.43 06/27/2014 05:49:20
Finish New Game Plus. (Shovel Knight)
Checkpointless Checkpointless 1.54 06/27/2014 05:45:10
Destroy every possible checkpoint in the game. (Shovel Knight)
Order of Hoarders Order of Hoarders 1.20 06/26/2014 17:44:38
Have 50000 gold on hand. (Shovel Knight)
Knuckle Down Knuckle Down 0.74 06/26/2014 17:39:56
Hang in the air for more than 4 seconds using the Dust Knuckles. (Shovel Knight)
You're Fired You're Fired 0.75 06/26/2014 17:31:46
Finish off the Black Knight with a reflected shot. (Shovel Knight)
Boom! Boom! 0.77 06/26/2014 17:28:46
Defeat 5 foes at once using the Booming Horn. (Shovel Knight)
I Scream For Ichor I Scream For Ichor 0.60 06/26/2014 17:13:59
Sample each of the Troupple King's ichors. (Shovel Knight)
Get the Point Get the Point 0.79 06/26/2014 15:40:32
Destroy all checkpoints in a single stage. (Shovel Knight)
Flare Wander Flare Wander 1.15 06/26/2014 15:34:08
Defeat an enemy with the Flare Wand from more than 25 blocks away. (Shovel Knight)
Hooper Hooper 0.62 06/26/2014 15:32:49
Bounce on the Hoop Kid's hoop for 5 seconds. (Shovel Knight)
Pungent Pungent 0.72 06/26/2014 15:32:26
Listen to all of Croaker's puns. (Shovel Knight)
On a Diet On a Diet 0.79 06/26/2014 15:30:40
Finish a level without eating any food. (Shovel Knight)
Victory! Victory! 0.48 06/26/2014 15:17:28
Finish the game. (Shovel Knight)
Decked Out Decked Out 0.76 06/26/2014 14:12:39
Purchase or unlock all relics, equipment, and upgrades. (Shovel Knight)
Arc of Iron Arc of Iron 0.76 06/26/2014 13:46:27
Defeat 3 enemies with one Throwing Anchor. (Shovel Knight)
Hall Champion Hall Champion 0.43 06/26/2014 13:27:05
Solve the woes of the Hall of Champions. (Shovel Knight)
Well Met Well Met 0.39 06/26/2014 13:17:00
Defeat all of the wandering travelers. (Shovel Knight)
Master Shoveler Master Shoveler 0.41 06/26/2014 12:30:23
Purchase all available Shovel Blade upgrades. (Shovel Knight)
Halfway Halfway 0.31 06/26/2014 12:26:20
Defeat 4 of the Order of No Quarter. (Shovel Knight)
Nice Hat... Nice Hat... 0.34 06/26/2014 12:07:41
Help out all the moochers in the fancy shop. (Shovel Knight)
Troupple Acolyte Troupple Acolyte 0.26 06/26/2014 11:43:34
Discover the secrets of the Troupple King. (Shovel Knight)
Master Angler Master Angler 0.41 06/26/2014 11:33:28
Successfully fish 5 sparkling fishing spots. (Shovel Knight)
Hey Big Spender Hey Big Spender 0.29 06/26/2014 11:31:25
Spend a combined 25000 gold at the shop. (Shovel Knight)
Only You Only You 0.15 06/26/2014 10:59:56
Use caution and common sense around campfires. (Shovel Knight)
Juggler Juggler 0.38 06/26/2014 10:39:29
Impress Mona with your skills. (Shovel Knight)
First Purchase First Purchase 0.11 06/26/2014 10:36:53
Buy your first item. (Shovel Knight)

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Mint Condition Mint Condition 1.54
Collect all Cipher Coins. (Plague Knight)
Maxed Out Maxed Out 1.28
Purchase or unlock all relics equipment and upgrades. (Plague Knight)
Again! Again! 1.87
Finish New Game Plus. (Plague Knight)
No Damage! No Damage! 1.80
Finish any Stage without taking damage. (Plague Knight)
Penny Pincher Penny Pincher 1.89
Finish the game without spending any money... including Cipher Coins! (Plague Knight)
Naked Plague Naked Plague 1.89
Finish the game without collecting any arcana, bomb parts, or armors. (Plague Knight)
Hurry Up! Hurry Up! 1.96
Beat the game within 1 hour and 30 minutes. (Plague Knight)
Checkpointless Checkpointless 1.91
Destroy every possible checkpoint in the game. (Plague Knight)
Untouched Untouched 1.70
Emerge unscathed from a battle with any Knight of the Order of No Quarter... except for King Knight! (Plague Knight)
Defend the Lab! Defend the Lab! 1.72
Retake the Explodatorium without breaking any grey blocks during the boss fight. (Plague Knight)
Trading Up Trading Up 1.24
Trade each of the useless relics to Chester. (Plague Knight)
Hang Time Hang Time 1.32
Stay in the air for 10 seconds without landing on anything. (Plague Knight)
Bomb Jump Blitz Bomb Jump Blitz 1.77
Defeat an Order Knight using only bomb jump explosions. (Plague Knight)
Poor Oolong Poor Oolong 1.38
Give Oolong a sample of every explosion. (Plague Knight)
Bomb Economy Bomb Economy 1.77
Finish any order of no quarter stage using 15 bombs or fewer. (Plague Knight)
Teetotaler Teetotaler 1.87
Finish the game without drinking any tonics. (Plague Knight)
Victory! Victory! 1.22
Finish the game. (Specter Knight)
Skull Seeker Skull Seeker 1.60
Find and return all Red Skulls. (Specter Knight)
Spec'd Out Spec'd Out 1.42
Acquire all armor, curios, and upgrades. (Specter Knight)
Again! Again! 2.01
Finish New Game Plus. (Specter Knight)
Naked Specter Naked Specter 2.13
Finish the game without acquiring any Will or Darkness upgrades. (Specter Knight)
No Damage! No Damage! 2.08
Finish any main stage without taking damage. (Specter Knight)
Hurry Up! Hurry Up! 2.17
Beat the game within 1 hour and 30 minutes. (Specter Knight)
Checkpointless Checkpointless 2.09
Destroy every possible checkpoint in the game. (Specter Knight)
Untouched Untouched 1.89
Emerge unscathed from a battle with any boss besides Black Knight! (Specter Knight)
Wisp Whisperer Wisp Whisperer 1.73
Obtain all Darkness and Will Upgrades from within the stages. (Specter Knight)
Vector Victor Vector Victor 1.45
Reach the top of the climbing mini game. (Specter Knight)
Make A Killing Make A Killing 2.12
Without replaying any stage or minigame, finish the game while holding 60000 gold or more. (Specter Knight)
Inhuman Resources Inhuman Resources 1.60
Speak with every recruit within the Tower. (Specter Knight)
Harvest of Heights Harvest of Heights 1.19
Chain together multiple targets with dash slashes 500 times. (Specter Knight)
Scythe Economy Scythe Economy 1.96
Complete any Order of No Quarter recruit stage using your standing slash 10 times or fewer. Dash Slashes are ok! (Specter Knight)
Get Out Of My Room! Get Out Of My Room! 1.41
Find Specter Knight's secret room! (Specter Knight)
Spirit of Giving Spirit of Giving 1.07
Fill both of the tower's mysterious jars. (Specter Knight)
Darkslide Darkslide 1.26
Land all 3 rail tricks in a single grind. (Specter Knight)
Curio Conquest Curio Conquest 1.86
Use only curios to defeat any Boss Specter Knight is trying to recruit! (Specter Knight)
Melancholy Melancholy 1.37
Reminisce and remain still on the Tower's rooftop for 30 seconds. (Specter Knight)
Again! Again! 2.69
Finish New Game Plus. (King Knight)
Card Completionist Card Completionist 2.61
Obtain all Joustus cards. (King Knight)
Beeline Beeline 2.63
Complete the game in fewer than 25 stages. (King Knight)
Naked King Naked King 2.63
Finish the game without acquiring any heirlooms, health upgrades, or vigor upgrades. Armors are ok! (King Knight)
Hurry Up! Hurry Up! 2.71
Beat the game within 1 hour and 30 minutes. (King Knight)
Fearless Champ Fearless Champ 2.71
Clear all 4 houses of Joustus without buying or reclaiming cards from Chester. (Not in New Game+) (King Knight)
That's Mine! That's Mine! 2.08
Lose a unique card, then win it back! (King Knight)
Heirlooms Only! Heirlooms Only! 2.56
Use only heirlooms to defeat any boss! (King Knight)
Jump Economy Jump Economy 2.53
Finish a stage and jump fewer than 10 times. (King Knight)
Heartless Heartless 2.60
Finish a Joustus Judge stage without dying or collecting any food or health hearts. (King Knight)
Smack Back Smack Back 2.67
As Shovel Knight, win the match with a reflected projectile. (Showdown)
Destruction Dominoes Destruction Dominoes 2.75
As Plague Knight, defeat multiple foes by hurtling through them with a single Spin Burst. (Showdown)
Dark Dunk Dark Dunk 2.69
As Specter Knight, use a Dash Slash to win by dunking a foe into lava or a pit that you would've fallen into. (Showdown)
Fancy Feet Fancy Feet 2.66
As King Knight, reach the winning gem while still spinning after bashing into a foe. (Showdown)
Stay Where You Are! Stay Where You Are! 2.75
As Shield Knight, use a single Shield Rush to both block a projectile and win the match. (Showdown)
From Shadow! From Shadow! 2.79
As Black Knight, win the match by dodging a player and hitting them with a Dark Wave. (Showdown)
Aerial Ace Aerial Ace 2.64
As Propeller Knight, defeat 2 or more foes without touching the ground. (Showdown)
Undermined Undermined 2.77
As Mole Knight, absorb 10 hits while submerged in a single match. (Showdown)
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction 2.81
As Treasure Knight, win the match by defeating a foe with a bouncing diamond that you popped. (Showdown)
Plower Power Plower Power 2.75
As Polar Knight, defeat multiple foes with a single use of the Polar Plow. (Showdown)
Whoops! Whoops! 2.77
As Tinker Knight, win the match by knocking an enemy into lava or a pit with the Definitely Intentional Trip. (Showdown)
Hover Queenie Hover Queenie 2.75
As The Enchantress, remain in the air for 30 seconds without touching the ground. (Showdown)
The Storm Is Coming! The Storm Is Coming! 2.86
As Baz, stun multiple foes using one use of Electrify, then hit them before they recover. (Showdown)
Reize for the Sky Reize for the Sky 2.83
As Reize, win the match by Dive Kicking an enemy to propel yourself to the winning gem. (Showdown)
Hat Trick Hat Trick 2.77
As Mr. Hat, get a KO with each of your 3 hats in a single match.
Shrouded Strike Shrouded Strike 2.79
As Phantom Striker, use the Strike Step to reach the winning gem while donning the Phantom Shroud. (Showdown)
Elementary! Elementary! 2.79
As Mona, win a match by knocking a charged hazardous potion at a foe. (Showdown)
From Nowhere From Nowhere 2.86
As Dark Reize, defeat 3 foes as you exit your teleport in a single match. (Showdown)
Hops and Dreams Hops and Dreams 2.81
As Goldarmor, win the match by down thrusting off of the Throwing Anchor to reach the winning gem. (Showdown)
Liquid Assets Liquid Assets 2.83
As Liquid Samurai, win a match by collecting 3 gems without breaking your run stride. (Liquid Samurai)
Done In One Done In One 2.43
Finish Story Mode without using a continue. (Showdown)
Percy's Pal Percy's Pal 2.79
Attain a score of 100,000 in Targets. (Showdown)
Sure-Footed Sure-Footed 2.34
Finish 10 matches in any stage with lava or a pit without falling in. (Showdown)
Item Lord Item Lord 2.48
Use each of the items once. (Showdown)
Order of Thwarters Order of Thwarters 2.51
Successfully parry 10 times during one match. (Showdown)
Warp Walker Warp Walker 2.60
Fall through the warp floor 50 times. (Showdown)
Shatterer Shatterer 2.88
Complete Story Mode on Hard difficulty. (Showdown)
Magma Day Magma Day 2.61
Knock opponents into lava 50 times. (Showdown)
Troupple Tango Troupple Tango 2.75
Defeat 50 Troupples during an encounter with the Troupple King. (Showdown)
Eliminator Eliminator 2.40
KO 100 total opponents. (Showdown)
Clutch! Clutch! 2.73
Win Sudden Death 5 times. (Showdown)
Chester's Chum Chester's Chum 2.86
See 20 different modes in Chester's Choice. (Showdown)

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