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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Work In Space Complete! Work In Space Complete! 1.21 02/13/2018 22:47:09
Complete Puzzle: Work In Space
We Have Liftoff Complete! We Have Liftoff Complete! 1.18 03/30/2017 22:54:17
Complete Puzzle: We Have Liftoff
Galaxy & Stars Complete! Galaxy & Stars Complete! 1.15 03/25/2017 22:35:12
Complete Puzzle: Galaxy & Stars
Blastoff Complete! Blastoff Complete! 1.21 03/23/2017 20:38:30
Complete Puzzle: Blastoff
Above The Clouds Complete! Above The Clouds Complete! 1.19 03/08/2017 21:13:37
Complete Puzzle: Above The Clouds
Ready For Liftoff Complete! Ready For Liftoff Complete! 1.20 02/10/2017 16:36:51
Complete Puzzle: Ready For Liftoff
Launch Pad Complete! Launch Pad Complete! 1.16 02/09/2017 22:09:46
Complete Puzzle: Launch Pad
Moon Complete! Moon Complete! 1.13 02/07/2017 23:24:15
Complete Puzzle: Moon
Mars Complete! Mars Complete! 1.14 02/07/2017 23:03:26
Complete Puzzle: Mars
Moon Landing Complete! Moon Landing Complete! 1.13 02/05/2017 22:30:37
Complete Puzzle: Moon Landing
Moon Walker Complete! Moon Walker Complete! 1.03 02/05/2017 17:20:25
Complete Puzzle: Moon Walker
Heart And Soul Complete! Heart And Soul Complete! 1.05 02/05/2017 17:13:46
Complete Puzzle: Heart And Soul
Earth Complete! Earth Complete! 1.19 02/05/2017 17:05:48
Complete Puzzle: Earth
In Orbit Complete! In Orbit Complete! 1.04 02/04/2017 22:55:00
Complete Puzzle: In Orbit
Valles Marineris Complete! Valles Marineris Complete! 1.06 02/04/2017 22:45:23
Complete Puzzle: Valles Marineris
Soyuz Complete! Soyuz Complete! 1.05 02/02/2017 22:57:06
Complete Puzzle: Soyuz
Saturn Complete! Saturn Complete! 1.03 02/01/2017 15:02:13
Complete Puzzle: Saturn

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
All PP2 Space Puzzles Complete! All PP2 Space Puzzles Complete! 1.23
Complete Pack: PP2 Space
Pillars Of Creation Complete! Pillars Of Creation Complete! 1.14
Complete Puzzle: Pillars Of Creation
Europa Complete! Europa Complete! 1.20
Complete Puzzle: Europa
Gas Cloud Complete! Gas Cloud Complete! 1.18
Complete Puzzle: Gas Cloud
Astronaut Complete! Astronaut Complete! 1.20
Complete Puzzle: Astronaut
Spaceman Complete! Spaceman Complete! 1.21
Complete Puzzle: Spaceman
Cosmonaut Complete! Cosmonaut Complete! 1.21
Complete Puzzle: Cosmonaut
Space Station Complete! Space Station Complete! 1.21
Complete Puzzle: Space Station
Countdown Begins Complete! Countdown Begins Complete! 1.22
Complete Puzzle: Countdown Begins

Achievement Stats 1.19
Executed 3 queries
717.79 KiB memory usage
21 crawler available

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