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5.7 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Downward Lunge Downward Lunge 1.33 04/17/2015 14:55:57
Get the Wind Parts for attacks effective around and above you
Phonograph Phonograph 1.33 04/17/2015 14:54:54
Poco's furniture
Pretty Missile Kick Pretty Missile Kick 1.30 03/31/2015 22:57:06
Get the Beta Parts necessary for Parin's favorite attack
Table Table 1.28 03/31/2015 22:56:20
Pierre's furniture
Hand Cranked Drill Hand Cranked Drill 1.36 03/31/2015 22:25:19
Complete one level with B ranking
Shoebox Shoebox 1.20 03/31/2015 22:20:25
Poco's furniture
Couch Couch 1.13 03/31/2015 03:37:33
Pierre's furniture
Cooking With Gas Cooking With Gas 1.04 03/31/2015 03:34:48
Complete one level with S ranking
Potted Plant Potted Plant 1.17 03/31/2015 03:20:39
Pierre's furniture
On Fire On Fire 1.18 03/31/2015 03:17:33
Complete one level with S+ ranking
Boombox Boombox 1.05 03/31/2015 02:58:54
Poco's furniture
Pnuematic Drill Pnuematic Drill 1.06 03/30/2015 23:29:17
Complete one level with A+ ranking
Forward Slash Forward Slash 0.94 03/30/2015 23:16:53
Get the Alpha Parts necessary for this attack
Battery Powered Drill Battery Powered Drill 1.16 03/30/2015 23:08:55
Complete one level with A ranking
Drill Tornado Drill Tornado 0.98 03/30/2015 22:14:28
Get the Storm Parts, necessary damaging enemies around you

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Toy Drill Toy Drill 1.48
Complete one level with C ranking
Dungeon Master! Dungeon Master! 1.48
Complete one level with S++ ranking
Legendary Drill Legendary Drill 1.76
Complete one level with S+++ ranking
Beginner Mode Completed Beginner Mode Completed 2.34
Complete Beginner Mode with all levels completed
Normal Mode Completed Normal Mode Completed 1.98
Complete Normal Mode with all levels completed
Hard Mode Completed Hard Mode Completed 2.40
Complete Hard Mode with all levels completed
Happy Mode Completed Happy Mode Completed 2.59
Complete Happy Mode with all levels completed
Crazy Mode Completed Crazy Mode Completed 2.73
Complete Crazy Mode with all levels completed
Special Winner Special Winner 2.45
Complete Beginner Mode with S or better ranking
Super Winner Super Winner 2.33
Complete Normal Mode with S or better ranking
Super Phantom Hunter Super Phantom Hunter 2.54
Complete Hard Mode with S or better ranking
Incredible Phantom Hunter Incredible Phantom Hunter 2.64
Complete Happy Mode with S or better ranking
Unbelievable Phantom Hunter Unbelievable Phantom Hunter 2.73
Complete Crazy Mode with S or better ranking
Spinning Dance Spinning Dance 1.47
The Cyclo and Storm Parts must be used together for this attack
Dragon Flame Dragon Flame 1.48
Get the Master Parts for the most powerful attack
Bookshelf Bookshelf 1.47
Poco's furniture
Stereo Stereo 1.53
Poco's furniture
Fancy Shelf Fancy Shelf 1.56
Pierre's furniture
Hat Rack Hat Rack 1.28
Pierre's furniture
Umbrella Box Umbrella Box 1.53
Chucky's furniture
Dresser Dresser 1.46
Chucky's furniture
Ducky Ducky 1.51
Chucky's furniture
Toy Car Toy Car 1.56
Chucky's furniture
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear 1.62
Chucky's furniture
Low Table Low Table 1.36
Rocko's furniture
Cedar Chest Cedar Chest 1.54
Rocko's furniture
Statue Statue 1.43
Rocko's furniture
Old Scroll Old Scroll 1.60
Rocko's furniture
Goldfish Goldfish 1.51
Rocko's furniture
Lots of Roofs Lots of Roofs 1.63
Joke Glasses are key to getting this picture
Evening Stroll Evening Stroll 1.32
For this picture, find Grandpa's hidden Platinum Medal
Gas Mask Manga Gas Mask Manga 1.82
Getting a diamond from Pamela is the first step towards getting this picture
Everyone's Story Everyone's Story 2.09
For this picture, start by changing with Puchi in the house during your second playthrough
Nap Time Nap Time 1.54
Getting an Afro for Poco is the first step towards this picture
Devices and Gear Devices and Gear 1.66
Putting the Pharaoh Hat on one of the monsters is your first step towards this picture
A Young Hero A Young Hero 2.18
You'll get a shot at this picture during your second playthrough
A Boring Class A Boring Class 2.06
If you want this picture, start by wearing the maid outfit
Yearning for Home Yearning for Home 1.59
Pierre loves Sombreros. That's your first thing you need to know to get this picture

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