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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Watchu' Talkin' 'Bout Muhammad Watchu' Talkin' 'Bout Muhammad 0.73 05/03/2015 23:17:00
Reunited with a former child star and an infamous terrorist leader.
Rain on your Wedding Day Rain on your Wedding Day 0.69 05/03/2015 07:53:00
Reunited with an old flame.
Holocaust: Part Deux Holocaust: Part Deux 0.65 05/03/2015 05:14:00
Reunited with an old enemy.
GABAGOOOOOL! GABAGOOOOOL! 0.58 05/03/2015 01:33:00
Reunited with an old friend.
Ginger Mint Ginger Mint 0.70
Killed Zack Ward.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Better than POSTAL III Better than POSTAL III 0.80
Rescued your loyal companion.
My Name is Jesus My Name is Jesus 1.04
Completed Paradise Lost with no kills.
Harder than r/gonewild Harder than r/gonewild 1.05
Completed Paradise Lost on POSTAL difficulty.
Adderall4All Adderall4All 1.04
Completed Paradise Lost with a total play time of 1:45:00 or less. (Excludes cutscenes and loading times.)
Ape Rape Ape Rape 0.80
Escaped the Animal Control Center with all monkeys alive.
Dick Message Dick Message 0.85
Wasted no time with the Wise Wang.
PooMasher PooMasher 0.89
Bought the toilet paper instead of stealing it.
Hobo Sexual Hobo Sexual 0.89
Collected money for charity without stealing from Zack Ward.
Ode to Eddings Ode to Eddings 0.95
Deactivated all of the Vend-A-Cure XJ-2 units.
Bitches Love Cake Bitches Love Cake 0.83
Defeated your hateful ex-wife with delicious cake.
Rich on Reddit Rich on Reddit 0.90
Sold 30 cats at the Cash 4 Cats vendors.
BioShocked BioShocked 0.80
Spent $2000 on vending machines.
Reddit's Famous Double Dong Reddit's Famous Double Dong 0.79
Made 30 kills while dual-wielding.
You Snow Nothing John Blow You Snow Nothing John Blow 0.91
Peed on all of the snowmen in the Nuclear Winter zone.
Kicked 10 people in the balls.

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713.09 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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