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2370.2 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Careful Down There Careful Down There 1.52 11/11/2015 10:14:04
Stand on top of a plane in flight for a minute
Cartographer Cartographer 1.84 09/07/2015 21:08:28
Visit the undiscovered settlements on the PDA map
Hell on Wheels Hell on Wheels 1.91 09/06/2015 17:53:20
Cruise around with four other players in a MV880 with a mounted gun
Stranded Stranded 1.57 09/06/2015 17:42:30
Meet 5 other players at Hantu Island
Sky Cause Sky Cause 1.52 09/06/2015 17:41:51
Parachute with 5 other players at the same time
Mile High Club Mile High Club 1.60 09/06/2015 17:41:18
Visit the Mile High Club with 20 other players
Socialite Socialite 1.81 09/06/2015 16:15:01
Play with 5 friends on the same server
I Want To Break Free I Want To Break Free 1.33 06/28/2015 16:36:42
Reach the upper limit of the sky in a plane
Chaos Immigrant Chaos Immigrant 1.99 06/25/2015 14:01:59
Play for a month
Wilful Wanderer Wilful Wanderer 1.92 06/25/2015 14:01:59
Play for a week
Welcome to Panau Welcome to Panau 0.73 06/23/2015 11:38:37
Connect to a server for the first time
Indiscreet Infiltrator Indiscreet Infiltrator 1.49 06/19/2015 14:06:06
Play for a day
Only Human Only Human 1.57 06/14/2015 15:53:44
Kill any member of the JC2-MP team, or anyone with this achievement
Mom, Get The Camera Mom, Get The Camera 1.80 06/14/2015 15:22:39
Be on the same server as a JC2-MP developer
Incendiary Sightseer Incendiary Sightseer 0.85 06/12/2015 12:58:04
Play for an hour

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Firestarter Firestarter 2.64
Kill 1,000 players by any means possible
Oil for Blood Oil for Blood 2.60
Kill 100 players at any offshore rig
Power Surge Power Surge 2.48
Kill 10 players at Awan Sendawan Power Plant
Taxi Service Taxi Service 1.91
Drive a taxi cab with 3 passengers for 10km in a single trip
Stuntshooter Stuntshooter 2.40
Kill five players who are standing on top of a moving plane

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