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10.5 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
0% Achievement Padawan 0% Achievement Padawan 1.17 02/15/2016 19:01:06
Complete the in-game tutorial.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Initiate Initiate 1.92
Win your first duel.
Order Among Chaos Order Among Chaos 2.06
While others battle free-for-all, you show victory in a duel.
Low Blow Low Blow 2.21
Kill a target while they bow.
Take it to the Streets Take it to the Streets 2.24
Participate in a duel on the map District.
Bad Sportsmanship Bad Sportsmanship 2.00
Finish a round with full health without bowing.
Capture the a control point for your team alone.
Winter is Coming Winter is Coming 2.22
Participate in a duel on the map Winter.
Kill someone with a grab.
Teamwork Teamwork 2.25
Be on the winning team for a round of Capture Point.
So Close... So Close... 2.28
Draw a round of capture point.
It Takes Two It Takes Two 2.22
Win a 2v2 game.
Two for One Two for One 2.22
Kill two people with one attack.
My Hero My Hero 2.27
Win a round of Hero mode as the hero.
Be Mine Be Mine 2.14
Use the heart emote on Valentine's Day.
Shapeshifter Shapeshifter 2.21
Win a duel as each character.
Blasphemy! Blasphemy! 2.18
Duel on duel_monastery.
Touchy Feely Touchy Feely 1.82
Cancel a grab with your grab.
Disharmonious Disharmonious 2.25
Be on the losing team for a round of capture point
Consumerism Consumerism 2.20
Duel on ffa_community.
Meditative Meditative 2.23
Duel on duel_temple.
Emotive! Emotive! 2.18
Use an emote just before killing an opponent.
Have a Seat Have a Seat 2.07
Win a duel after sitting during the duel.
Against the Odds Against the Odds 2.25
Win a 1v2 duel.
Gang Up Gang Up 2.22
Win a 2v1 duel.
Honorable Honorable 2.25
Bow every duel for 100 duels consecutively.

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