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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Leaving home to face the world Leaving home to face the world 1.04 01/13/2018 02:22:28
Throw one mature plant into the garden
Echeveria glauca Echeveria glauca 0.82 01/13/2018 02:21:19
Grow an Echeveria glauca to maturity
Aeonium Aeonium 0.79 01/12/2018 08:05:47
Grow an Aeonium to maturity
Pachyphytum fittkaui Pachyphytum fittkaui 0.83 01/09/2018 10:32:10
Grow a Pachyphytum fittkaui to maturity

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Aloe vera Aloe vera 0.86
Grow an Aloe vera to maturity
Pachyphytum glutinicaule Pachyphytum glutinicaule 0.92
Grow a Pachyphytum glutinicaule to maturity
Pachyphytum hookeri Pachyphytum hookeri 0.90
Grow a Pachyphytum hookeri to maturity
Sempervivum Sempervivum 0.90
Grow a Sempervivum to maturity
Aloe 'Blue Elf' Aloe 'Blue Elf' 0.94
Grow an Aloe 'Blue Elf' to maturity
Kalanchoe rotundifolia Kalanchoe rotundifolia 0.75
Grow a Kalanchoe rotundifolia to maturity
Echeveria 'Lola' Echeveria 'Lola' 0.74
Grow an Echeveria 'Lola' to maturity
Sedum pachyphyllum Sedum pachyphyllum 0.74
Grow a Sedum pachyphyllum to maturity
Agave 'Blue Glow' Agave 'Blue Glow' 0.81
Grow an Agave 'Blue Glow' to maturity
Kalanchoe thrysiflora Kalanchoe thrysiflora 1.08
Grow a Kalanchoe thrysiflora to maturity
Echeveria runyonii Echeveria runyonii 1.09
Grow an Echeveria runyonii to maturity
Cheiridopsis denticulata Cheiridopsis denticulata 1.06
Grow a Cheiridopsis denticulata to maturity
Haworthia attenuata Haworthia attenuata 1.09
Grow a Haworthia attenuata to maturity
Senecio serpens Senecio serpens 1.07
Grow a Senecio serpens to maturity
Agave macroacantha Agave macroacantha 1.08
Grow an Agave macroacantha to maturity
Fenestraria aurantiaca Fenestraria aurantiaca 1.05
Grow a Fenestraria aurantiaca to maturity
Sedum morganianum Sedum morganianum 1.07
Grow a Sedum morganianum to maturity
Pachyphytum oviferum Pachyphytum oviferum 1.08
Grow a Pachyphytum oviferum to maturity
Senecio rowleyanus Senecio rowleyanus 1.05
Grow a Senecio rowleyanus to maturity
Lithops optica 'Rubra' Lithops optica 'Rubra' 1.10
Grow a Lithops optica 'Rubra' to maturity
Echeveria glauca Echeveria glauca 1.03
Flower a Echeveria glauca
Pachyphytum fittkaui Pachyphytum fittkaui 1.04
Flower a Pachyphytum fittkaui
Aloe vera Aloe vera 1.13
Flower a Aloe vera
Pachyphytum glutinicaule Pachyphytum glutinicaule 1.12
Flower a Pachyphytum glutinicaule
Pachyphytum hookeri Pachyphytum hookeri 1.09
Flower a Pachyphytum hookeri
Sempervivum Sempervivum 1.09
Flower a Sempervivum
Aloe 'Blue Elf' Aloe 'Blue Elf' 1.17
Flower a Aloe 'Blue Elf'
Kalanchoe rotundifolia Kalanchoe rotundifolia 1.01
Flower a Kalanchoe rotundifolia
Echeveria 'Lola' Echeveria 'Lola' 0.98
Flower a Echeveria 'Lola'
Sedum pachyphyllum Sedum pachyphyllum 0.99
Flower a Sedum pachyphyllum
Kalanchoe thrysiflora Kalanchoe thrysiflora 1.23
Flower a Kalanchoe thrysiflora
Echeveria runyonii Echeveria runyonii 1.23
Flower a Echeveria runyonii
Cheiridopsis denticulata Cheiridopsis denticulata 1.21
Flower a Cheiridopsis denticulata
Haworthia attenuata Haworthia attenuata 1.24
Flower a Haworthia attenuata
Senecio serpens Senecio serpens 1.23
Flower a Senecio serpens
Fenestraria aurantiaca Fenestraria aurantiaca 1.21
Flower a Fenestraria aurantiaca
Sedum morganianum Sedum morganianum 1.23
Flower a Sedum morganianum
Pachyphytum oviferum Pachyphytum oviferum 1.23
Flower a Pachyphytum oviferum
Senecio rowleyanus Senecio rowleyanus 1.23
Flower a Senecio rowleyanus
Lithops optica 'Rubra' Lithops optica 'Rubra' 1.19
Flower a Lithops optica 'Rubra'
Pleasant little garden Pleasant little garden 1.25
Throw ten mature plants into the garden
Small ecological disaster Small ecological disaster 1.56
Throw fifty mature plants into the garden
You are really good at growing plants; maybe you should take it easy! You are really good at growing plants; maybe you should take it easy! 1.74
Throw one hundred mature plants into the garden

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