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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Betrayed Betrayed 0.27 11/06/2017 08:21:07
The One Ring has returned to it's Maker.
Battle Forged Battle Forged 0.32 11/06/2017 05:05:53
Maximize the power of the Ring by completing all of the One Ring missions.
Dominion Dominion 0.22 11/06/2017 04:42:38
Wraith Flash Dominate 50 Uruks.
Eregion Reforged Eregion Reforged 0.21 11/06/2017 04:40:37
Build all the Forge Towers in Udun.
Burning Shadow Burning Shadow 0.15 11/05/2017 02:19:28
Shadow Brand 20 Uruks.
The Scouring of Mordor The Scouring of Mordor 0.01 11/04/2017 00:32:24
Challenge the Dark Lord in Mordor.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
From Shadow to Shadow From Shadow to Shadow 0.45
Stealth Brand a Captain.
The Silver Fist The Silver Fist 0.44
Brand 20 Uruks in 60 seconds.
Beyond Epic Beyond Epic 0.73
Get a Level 30 Rune in Test of the Ring.
Lord of the Ring Lord of the Ring 0.77
Complete all objectives in the Test of The Ring.

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