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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Gettin' Educated Gettin' Educated 0.51
Play the tutorial.
Kill 'em All Kill 'em All 1.23
The only achievement you'll ever need.
Cool Island Song Cool Island Song 1.72
Kill an enemy with a pineapple.
Hup Hup Hup Hup 0.74
Kill an enemy while you are both in the air.
Desert Secret Desert Secret 1.74
Destroy the evil magician once and for all.
Fields Secret Fields Secret 1.73
Nobody likes helicopters.
NET+ Certified NET+ Certified 1.40
Successfully host your own game.
Big Mess Big Mess 1.70
Get your head blown off while voluntarily barfing.
Cash Rules Everything Around Me Cash Rules Everything Around Me 1.75
Unlock a gold weapon.
My New Gun My New Gun 0.71
Unlock a new weapon.
Arsenal Arsenal 1.70
Unlock all 80 weapons.
Pay to Lose Pay to Lose 1.13
Kill a player wearing a hat.
Just Blew in from Stupid Town Just Blew in from Stupid Town 1.62
Blow yourself up with a vest in Team Deathmatch.
Put Him Out of His Misery Put Him Out of His Misery 1.73
There's just one message in the PDA - 'Kill Spasman.'
Action Man Action Man 1.64
Get a kill with a bolt action, pump and lever action gun in one match.
Gross Gross 1.18
Jumped into the sewer water.
Champ Champ 1.21
Win a game of Deathmatch or Weapons Deal.
The Ground is Entirely Fogged Out The Ground is Entirely Fogged Out 1.42
Reach an incredibly high altitude.
24/7 2fort 24/7 2fort 1.54
Win a sniper battle.
The Beanjo Maneuver The Beanjo Maneuver 1.70
While carrying the flag, kill the enemy flag carrier.
Zoned Zoned 1.72
Kill an enemy with a hadouken.
No Type-killing No Type-killing 1.28
Kill an enemy who is typing.
Grave Filler Grave Filler 1.47
Kill 1000 enemies.
Luke Parry Luke Parry 1.77
Parry 100 enemies.
Time 2 Klime Time 2 Klime 1.60
Complete a climb map.
Connoisseur Connoisseur 1.40
Collect your first vice.
Baby's First Survival Baby's First Survival 1.47
Reach wave 10 in Survival mode.
Practice makes Perfect Practice makes Perfect 1.52
Reach wave 25 in Survival mode.
Oooh Mommy Oooh Mommy 1.65
Reach wave 50 in Survival mode.
Grizzled Expert Grizzled Expert 1.78
Reach wave 100 in Survival mode.
Loads of Money! Loads of Money! 1.72
Acquire $1000 in Zombrains mode.
Tragic Tragic 1.71
Kill yourself with a boomerang.
Death is Certain Death is Certain 1.81
Encounter the Manlings.
God God 1.80
Reach wave 250 in Survival mode.
Pretty Good Night Pretty Good Night 1.83
Collect every vice in the game in one Survival match.

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