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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Slowly but surely? Slowly but surely? 0.84
Finish the introduction
The Mysterious Scepter The Mysterious Scepter 0.98
Finish Mission 1
Welcome to Korrangar Welcome to Korrangar 1.08
Finish Mission 2
A Handsome Gift A Handsome Gift 1.14
Finish Mission 3
Weapon of Choice Weapon of Choice 1.18
Finish Mission 4
Desertion Desertion 1.22
Finish Mission 5
Crime and Prejudice Crime and Prejudice 1.26
Finish Mission 6
The Seed of Discord The Seed of Discord 1.30
Finish Mission 7
Dr. Boom! Dr. Boom! 1.32
Finish Mission 8
Revenge Revenge 1.33
Finish Mission 9
The Professional The Professional 1.45
Kill all the enemies in a zone
This. Is. THOBEN!! This. Is. THOBEN!! 1.53
Push 10 enemies over the edge
Morpheus' Blade Morpheus' Blade 0.97
Kill an enemy in his sleep
Master Alchemist Master Alchemist 1.26
Craft 30 items
Golden Gob Golden Gob 1.48
Unlock Gold level for all Insignias in a mission
Fugitive Fugitive 1.15
Get out alive from 10 red alerts
A Rat Life A Rat Life 0.91
Having hidden 50 times in a duct or a hideout
A Taste of Gob A Taste of Gob 1.58
Give of yourself to the worship of Lyssril...
All Along the Gobtower All Along the Gobtower 1.76
Unlock Gold level for all Insignias in all missions
Untouched Untouched 0.98
Finish a level without taking damage
Ace of Scrap! Ace of Scrap! 1.27
Finish a mission with the gold Insignia of the Thief
Did you see something? Did you see something? 1.04
Finish a mission with the gold Insignia of the Shadow
An Athlete Through and Through An Athlete Through and Through 1.33
Finish a mission with the gold Insignia of Swiftness
Sensitive Gob Sensitive Gob 1.13
Finish a mission with the gold Insignia of Mercy
Rehab Rehab 1.02
Complete a level without using an amber power
The Unseen Gob is the Deadliest The Unseen Gob is the Deadliest 1.34
Remain invisible for a total of one minute
Phoenix Phoenix 1.46
Be saved by a Life-saving Clone
Devoted Servants Devoted Servants 1.56
Teleport 20 times into a clone (with the skill)
Lamb of Gob Lamb of Gob 1.48
Create 50 clones
The Gob in a Box The Gob in a Box 1.51
Being invisible in a chest and not being caught by an enemy on a search
Pickpocket King Pickpocket King 1.16
Pickpocket 10 enemies
Acidification Acidification 1.50
Kill 5 guards with acid traps
My Precious My Precious 1.39
Drink 25 vials of amber
It's Time for Soup It's Time for Soup 1.50
Dissolve 10 enemies (vial of acid)
Goblin Farmer Goblin Farmer 0.94
Collect 50 raw materials
Trigonal Elven System Trigonal Elven System 1.20
Unlock your first ultimate skill
Oh My Gob! Oh My Gob! 1.73
Unlock all skills
Goblin Master Goblin Master 1.77
Unlock all achievements

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