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Game Achievement Points
Managing Finances Managing Finances 0.65
Keep track of your cash flow!
A Less Controlled Approach A Less Controlled Approach 0.75
Use the Spray Can tool.
Making an Impact Making an Impact 0.96
Impress the critic.
With a Steady Hand With a Steady Hand 1.32
Master craftsmanship.
Successful Delinquency Successful Delinquency 1.78
Master passion.
The Ladies Swoon The Ladies Swoon 1.87
Master realism.
Million Dollar Babies Million Dollar Babies 1.48
Master design.
Art. Art. 1.92
Master minimalism.
Flabberghasting! Flabberghasting! 1.94
Master expressionism.
The Many Lives of Passpartout The Many Lives of Passpartout 2.04
Witness all endings.
Begone, beggar! Begone, beggar! 0.81
Reject your biggest fan.
Cold Feet Cold Feet 0.76
Throw away a painting that is for sale.
Copycat Copycat 1.48
The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal.
Let's just start over Let's just start over 1.48
Clear a painting after having worked on it for 3 minutes.
Obsessive Obsessive 1.33
Create a masterpiece.
A Diminutive Enterprise A Diminutive Enterprise 0.73
Sell 10 Paintings
Two Score Half of Art Two Score Half of Art 1.27
Sell 50 paintings.
Feeling the Carpal Tunnel Feeling the Carpal Tunnel 1.69
Sell 100 paintings.
A More Controlled Approach A More Controlled Approach 0.96
Use the Steady Pen tool.
Distracted Distracted 1.68
Make a lot of noise.
On a High Horse On a High Horse 1.33
Reject 20 bids.
Corny Corny 1.62
Sell a painting for over 9000€
Enter Euphoria Enter Euphoria 1.39
Colourful Colourful 1.38
Be creative!
Piece de Blanque Piece de Blanque 1.25
Put a blank canvas on display.

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