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4.3 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Opportunist Opportunist 0.38 03/17/2018 23:46:54
Cause a Strike while in Emergency Room.
Nervous Collapse Nervous Collapse 0.42 03/17/2018 23:44:25
Have your victim's nervous system collapse first.
Walk In The Park Walk In The Park 0.17 03/17/2018 23:30:37
Win a game before the recovery reaches 70%.
Digestive Collapse Digestive Collapse 0.59 03/17/2018 23:29:12
Have your victim's digestive system collapse first.
Circulatory Collapse Circulatory Collapse 0.25 03/17/2018 23:08:08
Have your victim's circulatory system collapse first.
Skeletal Collapse Skeletal Collapse 0.83 03/16/2018 02:23:31
Have your victim's skeletal system collapse first.
Silent Killer Silent Killer 0.18 03/16/2018 02:15:50
Evolve 6 or more diseases before the recovery has started.
Diagnostic Master Diagnostic Master 0.58 03/16/2018 01:31:20
Identify 5 diseases or more using a single test.
It is Lupus It is Lupus 0.50 03/16/2018 01:28:33
Diagnose Lupus.
Busy Labs Busy Labs 0.28 03/16/2018 01:14:53
Perform 3 or more diagnostic tests simultaneously.
Prescription Frenzy Prescription Frenzy 0.26 03/16/2018 01:13:43
Treat 3 or more diseases simultaneously.
Stabilized Stabilized 0.53 03/16/2018 01:04:13
Use an intensive care operation or lifestyles to get your patient out of the emergency room.
Loser Loser 0.26 03/16/2018 00:40:05
Lose a game.
Diagnostic Professional Diagnostic Professional 0.24 03/16/2018 00:25:38
Identify 3 diseases or more using a single test.
Medical Student Medical Student 0.17 03/16/2018 00:22:24
Complete at least one tutorial.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Heart Attack Heart Attack 0.35
Evolve Heart Attack.
Lupus Nephritis Lupus Nephritis 0.55
Evolve Lupus Nephritis.
It's Never Lupus It's Never Lupus 0.34
Evolve Lupus.
Renal Collapse Renal Collapse 0.40
Have your victim's renal system collapse first.
Richie Rich Richie Rich 0.26
Collect 250 Bio Points or more in a game.
Good Doctor Good Doctor 0.30
Reach 100% Recovery while patient health is 60% or higher.
No Stress No Stress 0.30
Reach 100% recovery before patient is sent to emergency room.
Respiratory Collapse Respiratory Collapse 0.46
Have your victim's respiratory system collapse first.
Muscular Collapse Muscular Collapse 0.55
Have your victim's muscular system collapse first.
Immune Collapse Immune Collapse 0.52
Have your victim's Immune system collapse first.
All-in All-in 0.63
Unlock all diseases in one system.
Lethal Walk In The Park Lethal Walk In The Park 0.88
Win a game before the recovery reaches 70% at Lethal difficulty.
Close Call Close Call 0.89
Win a game at 95% recovery or more.
Loaded Loaded 0.93
Start a game with 5 boosters.
Reaper Reaper 1.09
Complete all Death stages.
Dedicated Player Dedicated Player 1.20
Complete all Death and Life stages.
Bio Inc. Master Bio Inc. Master 1.53
Complete all Death and Life stages at lethal difficulty.
Thrifty Thrifty 0.53
Stack 30 Bio Points before spending anything.
Athlete Athlete 0.51
Evolve the Athlete Lifestyle.
Last Resort Last Resort 0.99
Reach 100% Recovery while patient health is 5% or below.
Good Surgeon Good Surgeon 1.10
Perform 4 or more operations in a single game.
Perfect Lifestyle Perfect Lifestyle 0.43
Evolve 6 or more Lifestyles items.
Better Doctor Better Doctor 0.71
Reach 100% Recovery while patient health is 60% or higher at lethal difficulty.
Detective Detective 0.86
Finish a stage with 200% Diagnosis efficiency or more.
Dean of Medicine Dean of Medicine 1.09
Complete all Life stages.
Heartbreaking Loss Heartbreaking Loss 1.05
Lose a patient at 90% Recovery or more.

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