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Game Achievement Points
Galaxy 1 Complete Galaxy 1 Complete 1.42
Your journey has just begun
Drifted Away Drifted Away 1.23
You replicated Matt Kowalski's journey in Gravity
Suit Breach Suit Breach 1.48
What's that hissing sound?
Dust Collector Dust Collector 1.68
You have collected 10 pieces of dust, don't sneeze!
Galaxy 2 Complete Galaxy 2 Complete 1.68
That got tricky
Galaxy 3 Complete Galaxy 3 Complete 1.76
What a sticky mess
Galaxy 4 Complete Galaxy 4 Complete 1.81
Here in an instant, gone in a flash
Galaxy 5 Complete Galaxy 5 Complete 1.86
Ashes to ashes
Galaxy 6 Complete Galaxy 6 Complete 1.86
Big Badda Boom!
Galaxy 7 Complete Galaxy 7 Complete 1.92
If you can dodge a wrench...
Galaxy 8 Complete Galaxy 8 Complete 1.98
I'm so dizzy
Galaxy 9 Complete Galaxy 9 Complete 1.98
Oh, I'm sorry I missed that Wednesday lunch date, but I was in a black hole all morning.
Galaxy 10 Complete Galaxy 10 Complete 1.98
So close, and yet so far
Game Complete Game Complete 1.98
100 light years traveled
Smashed by a comet Smashed by a comet 1.86
Ouch! That hurt!!
Sucked into a black hole Sucked into a black hole 1.98
It's dark in here
Abducted by aliens Abducted by aliens 1.81
It's probing time!
Stuck on a rock Stuck on a rock 1.72
What is all this sticky stuff?
Blown to bits Blown to bits 1.86
Its going to take forever to clean this mess up
Wile E Coyote Wile E Coyote 1.86
You have died over 50 times!
Jump 100 Times Jump 100 Times 1.48
You have jumped 100 times!
Jump 500 Times Jump 500 Times 1.81
You have jumped 500 times!

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