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3.6 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Dolphin's Dream and Milk Tea Dolphin's Dream and Milk Tea 0.54 08/28/2017 17:46:42
Begin Chapter 1

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Honey Clover Break Soul Honey Clover Break Soul 0.85
Begin Chapter 2
Braving the Lion's Den Braving the Lion's Den 0.95
Begin Chapter 3
key of mind key of mind 0.97
Begin Chapter 4
Premonition of Happiness Premonition of Happiness 0.95
Make 25 friends
Unchangeable Future Unchangeable Future 1.01
See the Bad End
Bye-Bye Bye-Bye 1.01
See the Normal End
Changed Future Changed Future 0.99
See the Happy End
Hack the BitWorld Hack the BitWorld 0.90
Find the Cheat Code (bottom-right of Bit World...)
That Beloved Future That Beloved Future 0.99
Befriend Mikado
The Albino Girl The Albino Girl 0.93
Befriend Miumi
Milk Tea Milk Tea 0.95
Befriend Natsukage
The Band Member The Band Member 0.97
Befriend Akitaka
Courage Repaid Courage Repaid 0.97
Befriend Haruya
Aira's Heart Aira's Heart 0.99
Befriend Aira
Promise Ribbon Promise Ribbon 0.97
Befriend Potete
3Bit Friendship 3Bit Friendship 0.99
Befriend Nomiya
A Long-Suffering Guy A Long-Suffering Guy 0.99
Befriend Kotora
Second Coming of Genius Second Coming of Genius 0.99
Befriend Kirai
The Joys of Daily Life The Joys of Daily Life 0.99
Befriend Tobari
Granny and the Cat Granny and the Cat 0.93
Befriend Yasune
Love's Shape Love's Shape 0.92
Befriend Shitara
Proof of Friendship Proof of Friendship 0.92
Befriend Kuroku&Shiroro
Benevolent Shrine Maiden Benevolent Shrine Maiden 0.92
Befriend Hakuhi
Everybody's Peacekeeper Everybody's Peacekeeper 0.92
Befriend Takamiya
Explorer of Flavor Explorer of Flavor 0.92
Befriend Shiren
Onto the Terrible Thirties Onto the Terrible Thirties 0.92
Befriend Kaori
Doctor and Assistant Doctor and Assistant 0.90
Befriend Kiri
Emerald Eyes Emerald Eyes 0.93
Befriend Nio
Handmade Present Handmade Present 0.92
Befriend Sakuma
Childlike Feelings Childlike Feelings 0.92
Befriend Sekiyu
Look to the Stars Look to the Stars 0.95
Befriend Yukinaga
She Lives On She Lives On 0.93
Befriend Akuta
Scatterbrain Scatterbrain 0.95
Befriend Rocca
Tea Friends Tea Friends 0.95
Befriend Chino
Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star 0.97
Befriend Sora
Friends of the Soul Friends of the Soul 0.97
Befriend Moroku
Next'll Be a Homer! Next'll Be a Homer! 0.97
Befriend Akashi
My Chiiiiild My Chiiiiild 0.95
Befriend Misato
A Thoughtful Design A Thoughtful Design 0.95
Befriend Momori
Even Worse With You Even Worse With You 0.97
Befriend Enri
True Buds True Buds 0.97
Befriend Asuto
Glutton Glutton 0.95
Befriend Azusa
Never Accepting Defeat Never Accepting Defeat 0.97
Befriend Jin
Super Buster Legend Super Buster Legend 0.95
Befriend Hiyu
Apprentice Detective Apprentice Detective 0.97
Befriend Yuuto
What Needs Protecting What Needs Protecting 0.97
Befriend Ryuuri
Totally BFFs Totally BFFs 0.97
Befriend Kirara
The Pact is Sealed The Pact is Sealed 0.99
Befriend Sagara
The Ways of Fortune-Telling The Ways of Fortune-Telling 0.97
Befriend Meu
Foolish, Happy Commoner Foolish, Happy Commoner 0.99
Befriend Izuchi
Lord Nanashi Lord Nanashi 0.97
Befriend Saaya
Manager on the Side Manager on the Side 0.97
Befriend Mary
Stimulating Awakening Stimulating Awakening 0.97
Befriend Meru
Man's Best Friend Man's Best Friend 0.99
Befriend Hitohito
The Gift of Love The Gift of Love 0.95
Give someone chocolate for the first time
Mutterly Fantastic! Mutterly Fantastic! 0.99
Complete all friendships
Misane Mikoto Cannot Unravel Misane Mikoto Cannot Unravel 0.99
Play the Extra Story
See You in the Future See You in the Future 0.99
Befriend Misane

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