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Friends ranking of Gunny

Rank Player Best achievements Points Last update
1 GlorifiedPig GlorifiedPig Gathering SpeedArtillery Production IM.09 - All on Your OwnRocket SiegeTheater of War Challenge LieutenantTheater of War Battle LieutenantCampaign CommanderTurtle GoldM.08 - No Help NeededM.14 - Before the WinterBlitzkrieg - ConscriptHMG HeroA Rockin PartyBearer of ArtilleryПОБЕДА 1113.29 05/15/2020 13:29:08
2 Guybrush Threepwood Guybrush Threepwood It's Hugely Different to an Asphalt RallyThe Gravel Can Wear Away the Studs on Your Snow TyresHitting a Snow Bank Too Fast Can Cause You a Lot of TroubleThe Cold, Biting Chill of the MountainFaster ChiefWhen Jon Met PaulThe Sensations Are Extreme on These StagesThat's a Lot of LakesMy Ball, My RulesIt's a Really Big Challenge to Go Fast without Making a MistakeMany Jumps, Many over Crest Corners, Many High Speed CornersDon't Make Your pace Notes Too Cautious or You Won't Be FastPast and PresentMonster Energy Supercharge AwardModern Art 330.35 07/02/2024 08:17:38
3 Maguku Maguku VAC banned profile 0.00
4 Gunny Gunny 0.00
5 FuttBuck FuttBuck 0.00
6 Shydrim Shydrim 0.00

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