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129.6 average hours needed for completion.

84 achievements worth of 122.93 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
One Soul One Soul You finished Calia's companion quest and helped her cope with the entity inside her. 02/15/2019 22:14:52 1.43
Part of Something Part of Something You finished Jespar's companion quest and helped him find his place in Enderal's struggle. 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.43
Lethonia Lethonia You won Jespar Dal'Varek's heart. 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.84
The Beast Overcome The Beast Overcome You won Calia Sakaresh's heart. 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.55
A Fine Drink A Fine Drink You shared a drink and a good conversation with Lishari Peghast. 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.22
The Dreamflower The Dreamflower You found, created and drank the Dreamflower potion. 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.58
What's reality, anyway? What's reality, anyway? You unlocked the hidden ending and survived the destruction of the Beacon. Or did you? 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.73
Repentance Repentance You prevented Tharael's suicide and gave him back hope. 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.77
Protector Protector You became a Protector. 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.27
A Better World A Better World You chose to flee to the Starcity and create a new mankind. 02/15/2019 22:14:53 1.50
Free At Last Free At Last You sacrificed yourself to give mankind another chance. 02/15/2019 22:14:54 1.61
Burnt Flesh Burnt Flesh You relived your nightmare. 02/15/2019 22:14:54 0.34
Keeper of the Holy Order Keeper of the Holy Order You became a Keeper of the Holy Order. 02/15/2019 22:14:54 1.14
Legendary Legendary You combined two synergetic classes and unlocked an affinity. 02/15/2019 22:14:54 1.27
Mythical Mythical You unlocked a second affinity! 02/15/2019 22:14:54 1.44
Card Shark Card Shark You won 10 rounds of "Battle for Treomar." 02/15/2019 22:14:54 1.64
Dice God Dice God You won 10 rounds of "Morala's Dice." 02/15/2019 22:14:54 1.64
Home, Sweet Home Home, Sweet Home You bought yourself a home in Ark. 02/15/2019 22:14:54 1.12
The Spectral Horde The Spectral Horde You bound a lost soul into a Phasmalist's trinket. 02/15/2019 22:14:55 1.33
Claws Claws You brewed and drank your first Wolf's Blood potion. 02/15/2019 22:14:55 1.39
Proficient Proficient You mastered a memory tree. 02/15/2019 22:14:55 1.46
Thorough Thorough You collected 15 butterflies for Rynéus. 02/15/2019 22:14:55 1.46
The Grove The Grove Listened to the story of Silvergrove. 02/15/2019 22:14:55 1.53
What We Deserve What We Deserve Found captain Rocio. 02/15/2019 22:14:55 1.37
Master of the Arcane Master of the Arcane You learned a mythical spell. 02/15/2019 22:14:55 1.60
Hidden Powers Hidden Powers You found and read a hidden talent book. 02/15/2019 22:14:55 1.53
Fetchquest Fetchquest You found all of Enderal's magical symbols. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.86
Fetchquest, Vol. 2. Fetchquest, Vol. 2. You found all of Enderal's mystical symbols. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.81
Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power You found and earned all knowledge points. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.57
Master of Eggs Master of Eggs You actually hunted down all eggs for Kurmai. Hats off. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.54
What dreams may come What dreams may come You convinced Rynéus to disband the illusion of Silvergrove. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.43
Good shot Good shot You scored well in Rynéus starling-sphere game. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.54
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers You lied to Maél Dal'Loran about the origin of the trinket. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.72
The Scorpion's Tail The Scorpion's Tail You sided with Dijaam in the conflict about the Scarabeus. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.43
The Lion's Roar The Lion's Roar You sided with Maél Dal'Loran in the conflict about the Scarabeus. 02/15/2019 22:14:56 1.62
Worth it Worth it You and Dijaam escaped and kept the Scarabeus for yourselves. 02/15/2019 22:14:57 1.64
Steadfast Steadfast Burn bridges with both Maél and Dijaam. 02/15/2019 22:14:57 1.77
The Price of Sin The Price of Sin You approved of Tharaêl killing Qalian, even though he kept his end of the bargain. 02/15/2019 22:14:57 1.34
The Treasures of the Destitute The Treasures of the Destitute You found all hidden stashes in the orphanage. 02/15/2019 22:14:57 1.37
He Already Paid the Price He Already Paid the Price You disapproved of Tharaêl killing Qalian. His life is punishment enough. 02/15/2019 22:14:57 1.50
Rememberance Rememberance Esme trusted you enough to reach out to you after the tragedy in Old Ishmartep. 02/15/2019 22:14:57 1.49
Näea Näea You followed Yuslan to his house in the alternate reality and witnessed a conversation between his alter ego, a girl, and Näea. 02/15/2019 22:14:57 1.47
There's Always Hope There's Always Hope You gave Mirell hope. 02/15/2019 22:14:58 1.64
Coup De Grace Coup De Grace You killed Mirell's daughter so that the Red Madness doesn't spread. 02/15/2019 22:14:58 1.60
Sleep, My Child Sleep, My Child You convinced Mirell to ease his daughter's suffering. 02/15/2019 22:14:58 1.67
The Queen of the Forsaken The Queen of the Forsaken You opened Vatyra's treasure chamber. 02/15/2019 22:14:58 1.71
Nifty Nifty Thanks to your sleight of hand, you found a big hidden slot in a chest. 02/15/2019 22:14:58 1.73
Chronicles of Blood Chronicles of Blood You found and read all books of the Butcher. 02/15/2019 22:14:58 1.61
Slayer of Beasts Slayer of Beasts You found and slayed all mythical beasts. 02/15/2019 22:14:58 1.62
Yes, We Got Them Too Yes, We Got Them Too You defeated Enderal's only dragon. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.45
We're Sorry We're Sorry You suffered through Enderal's rendition of the arrow in the knee joke. You knew this was coming. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.16
The Black Guardian The Black Guardian You realized that not all myths are just myths. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.47
Whirlwind Whirlwind You became friends with Whirlwind, the Donkey. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.15
Aren't we beautiful? Aren't we beautiful? You relived another version of your nightmare. Aren't we beautiful? 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.29
Goodbye, Daddy Goodbye, Daddy You relived the third version of your nightmare. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.40
Crunchy Pleasures Crunchy Pleasures You tasted a slice of Marita Rotang's fresh, tasty breeeeeeeeeeead. It was divine. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.37
Direwolf Direwolf You found the Father's hidden gift. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.58
Philistine Philistine You engaged in a profound discussion about art and poetry with Prince Mith. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.12
Lyrical Outpours and Other Bodily Fluids Lyrical Outpours and Other Bodily Fluids You read an analysis of Prince Mith's poetry. And got educated. 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.07
Cuthbert the Spirit Pig Cuthbert the Spirit Pig You summoned the spirit of Cuthbert the minipig. Foes be wary! 02/15/2019 22:14:59 1.49
Nimble Feet Nimble Feet You proved yourself both dextrous and athletic by tricking the Starling lock mechanism on your first try. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 0.98
Witty Witty You succesfully used your Rhetorics skill fifteen times. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 1.64
Synergetic Synergetic You discovered a synergy between two talents. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 1.67
Icy Embrace Icy Embrace You froze and shattered an enemy. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 1.59
Well-equipped Well-equipped You acquired and wore a complete set. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 1.25
Gertrude's Wings Gertrude's Wings You found Kurmai's pride - Gertrude the Starship. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 1.40
Mage-bane Mage-bane You died from Arcanist's fever. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 1.37
Voices of the Dead Voices of the Dead You found and returned the Word of the Dead. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 1.21
Vanquisher of Horst Vanquisher of Horst You neutralized Pathira, who took control of Yerai's centurion. 02/15/2019 22:15:00 1.53
A Sliver of Hope A Sliver of Hope You found the Beacon. 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.20
Halfmoon Island Halfmoon Island You took the Pyrean train to Halfmoon Island. 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.29
Onyx Onyx You found all three of the Black Stones and brought them to Lexil. 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.39
Invasion Invasion You rebutted the Nehrimese's attack on Ark. 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.39
Behind the Horizon Behind the Horizon You discovered 50 different locations. 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.07
Wings Wings You flew on a Myrad's back for twenty times. 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.47
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter You finished all bounty quests. 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.50
Adventurous Adventurous You finished 50 quests. 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.33
Mammon Mammon You accumulated 100,000 Endralean penny coins and entrusted them to Samael Silren. Are you sure about this? 02/15/2019 22:15:01 1.66
Goldrush Goldrush You mined 50 ore veins. 02/15/2019 22:15:02 1.51
Reach for the Stars Reach for the Stars You climbed Enderal's highest mountain. Congratulations! 02/15/2019 22:15:02 1.60
Cosmic Harmony Cosmic Harmony You let the Master Skull harmonize your chakras. Namaste! 02/15/2019 22:15:02 1.25
Come On, You Stupid Rod Come On, You Stupid Rod You found a brave warrior's frozen corpse in the Frostcliff Mountains. The damn thing just wouldn't cooperate. 02/15/2019 22:15:02 1.64
Music of the Lightborn Music of the Lightborn You constructed the Koppophon. 02/15/2019 22:15:02 1.72
Catch 'Em All Catch 'Em All You found all souls. 02/15/2019 22:15:02 1.85

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