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Current best achievements of baronVONbaron

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage 1.39 05/14/2011 09:16:04
Kill 15 Runners with one Assault Grenade.
Take The King!!! Take The King!!! 1.21 04/15/2014 07:06:15
Win against an opponent with only 1 HP left on player side
Flight Crew Flight Crew 1.03 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Play in a game with five or more players from your Friends list.
Best Case Scenario Best Case Scenario 1.02 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Kill 6 enemies carrying the Australium during the same round.
Dancing in the Dark Dancing in the Dark 1.02 03/15/2014 19:25:55
Complete the Deep Sea dance challenge without missing a step.
Helltower: The Mann-tastic Four Helltower: The Mann-tastic Four 1.02 09/20/2016 01:55:11
Earn 4 of the Helltower achievements
Nose Dive Nose Dive 1.01 11/27/2016 04:21:41
Kill 10 parachuting players.
Stairs with Attitude Stairs with Attitude 1.01 03/15/2014 19:31:55
Climb the escalators in less than 30 seconds.
Lift-offed Lift-offed 1.01 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Push a player into the rocket's exhaust path at the end of the round.
II II 1.00 06/11/2013 09:32:07
Raze the Roof Raze the Roof 0.97 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Kill two people on the roof of the center control point in a single life.
Foundry Force Five Foundry Force Five 0.97 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Play in a game with five or more players from your Friends list.
Marathon Marathon 0.97 01/18/2017 11:19:22
Play on the same server & map for 8 hours
Five the Fast Way Five the Fast Way 0.96 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Capture the final control point within five seconds of your team capturing the previous control point.
Classassin Classassin 0.96 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Get one or more kills as all nine classes in one round.
Failure to Launch Failure to Launch 0.96 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Kill 3 players riding the elevator within 10 seconds.
Banner of Brothers Banner of Brothers 0.96 09/20/2016 01:54:36
Buff 5 Steam friends at once with the Buff Banner.
Claim Jumper Claim Jumper 0.95 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Capture a control point within 12 seconds after exiting a teleporter.
Quick Draw Quick Draw 0.95 12/30/2010 01:37:00
Win a combat by only firing once. This cannot be unlocked in the campaign.
Maximum Potential Maximum Potential 0.95 09/26/2016 01:42:17
Collect enough casualties to get the max clip for the Air Strike.
Terminated, Too Terminated, Too 0.94 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Kill a player by pushing them into the cauldron fire.
Balance of Power Balance of Power 0.94 09/09/2016 04:09:11
Win a round in which the enemy team has attempted to capture your final control point.
Martyr Martyr 0.93 05/14/2011 01:27:56
Kill an enemy with a grenade while being knocked back.
It squishes! It squishes! 0.92 02/22/2016 16:30:00
Set foot in the Bawg.
Spark Plugger Spark Plugger 0.92 09/17/2016 22:54:21
As a Sniper, kill 4 robots simultaneously.
Save Them All Save Them All 0.92 12/30/2010 01:36:00
Win a game without losing any pieces...either by Power Squares or Annihilation, doesn't matter.
Statue Stance Statue Stance 0.92 12/24/2013 03:42:46
You dispose your foes without moving
Sackston Hale Sackston Hale 0.92 09/20/2016 01:55:11
Craft the Saxton Hale Mask.
Underground, Overground Underground, Overground 0.92 03/22/2015 03:06:16
Discover all caves
Save the Grunts! Save the Grunts! 0.92 12/30/2010 01:36:00
Win a game without losing any Knights/Goblins. This cannot be unlocked in the campaign.
Defeat Hewgodooko in the Savannah.
Space Camp Space Camp 0.90 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Kill an enemy within the broken crate area while they attempt to pick up the neutral Australium.
Doomsday Milestone Doomsday Milestone 0.90 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Achieve 7 of the achievements in the Doomsday pack.
Magic-less Magic-less 0.90 12/30/2010 01:36:00
Don't use ANY spells the entire game. No, not even one! This cannot be unlocked in the campaign.
Tam O'Shatter Tam O'Shatter 0.90 09/20/2016 01:54:41
Destroy 5 enemy Engineer buildings during a single ÜberCharge from a Medic.
Cap-ogee Cap-ogee 0.89 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Win a round with at least 5 teammates on the elevator.
Dead Heat Dead Heat 0.89 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Play through a back-and-forth battle for 15 control point captures.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0.88 02/02/2013 23:36:45
Open 5 Treasure boxes
(See?) I've got this (See?) I've got this 0.87 05/13/2011 23:46:54
Kill an entire wave without aid of towers on Normal or higher difficulty.
Most Valuable Player Most Valuable Player 0.87 04/29/2017 22:18:02
Earned by achieving the MVP status at the end of a match 5 times total
Foundry Milestone Foundry Milestone 0.87 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Achieve 7 of the achievements in the Foundry pack.
Medical Breakthrough Medical Breakthrough 0.86 09/20/2016 01:54:46
Assist in destroying 5 enemy Engineer buildings with a single ÜberCharge on a Demoman.
Marauder Marauder 0.86 02/13/2013 09:35:22
Collect 1000 hacksilver in the game
At Ease, Rookie At Ease, Rookie 0.86 07/12/2013 07:14:56
Play 10 hours
Soviet Block Soviet Block 0.85 09/20/2016 01:54:51
While invulnerable and on defense, block an invulnerable enemy Heavy's movement.
(Not So) Lonely Are the Brave (Not So) Lonely Are the Brave 0.85 09/20/2016 01:55:06
Keep a Heavy healed with your dispenser while he gains 5 kills.
Photostroika Photostroika 0.84 09/20/2016 01:54:51
Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you taunting while invulnerable.
Stock Blocked Stock Blocked 0.84
Defeat Blockstock.
Quick Hook Quick Hook 0.83 09/20/2016 01:54:26
Kill a player in Well before the round starts.
Time For Your Close-Up, Mr. Hale Time For Your Close-Up, Mr. Hale 0.83 09/20/2016 01:55:16
Render a replay into a movie.
Building Block Building Block 0.83 09/20/2016 01:55:06
Have a sentry shielded by the Wrangler absorb 500 damage without being destroyed.
Hero Call Hero Call 0.83 07/27/2011 07:19:42
Win 3 battles without using any Powercards
Real Steal Real Steal 0.83 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Win a round in which the enemy team has attempted to capture your final control point.
Beaux and Arrows Beaux and Arrows 0.82 09/20/2016 01:54:31
Kill a Heavy & Medic pair with the bow.
Jarate Chop Jarate Chop 0.82 09/20/2016 01:54:31
Jarate and then kill 3 enemies with your Kukri.
The Scottish Play The Scottish Play 0.82 09/20/2016 01:54:41
Get a melee kill while sticky jumping.
For Your Eyes Only For Your Eyes Only 0.81 09/20/2016 01:55:01
Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you flicking a cigarette onto their corpse.
Bomb Squaddie Bomb Squaddie 0.81 09/20/2016 01:54:36
Destroy 10 stickybombs with the shotgun in a single life.
Doctoring the Ball Doctoring the Ball 0.81 09/20/2016 01:54:26
Kill 3 enemies while under the effects of a Medic's ÜberCharge.
Dazed And Defused Dazed And Defused 0.81 08/08/2016 01:07:02
Stun 50 robots while upgraded with rocket specialist.
Shell Extension Shell Extension 0.81 11/22/2016 04:31:59
During a wave, use a canteen charged with 'Ammo Reload' to refill an empty weapon slot.
Sticky Bomb Like You! Sticky Bomb Like You! 0.81 06/15/2011 08:04:51
Put a Trip Mine on a live alien
BOOM! HEADSHOT! BOOM! HEADSHOT! 0.80 05/18/2011 08:31:10
Kill 4 enemies by hitting their weakspot with one Sniper Rifle clip.
I Have My Reasons I Have My Reasons 0.80 08/21/2013 06:17:14
Beat story mode with one character.
Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a! 0.80 09/20/2016 01:54:36
Provide the enemy with a freezecam of you taunting over 3 of their body parts.
Sticky Thump Sticky Thump 0.79 09/20/2016 01:54:41
Using the Scottish Resistance, kill 3 players in separate explosions without placing new stickybombs.
Turbocharger Turbocharger 0.79 11/25/2016 23:14:27
Buff 4 or more teammates as a Soldier at the same time in a single wave.
You'll Feel a Little Prick You'll Feel a Little Prick 0.79 09/20/2016 01:54:46
Assist in killing 3 enemies with a single ÜberCharge on a Scout.
Foul Territory Foul Territory 0.79 09/20/2016 01:54:26
Cause an environmental death by stunning or slowing an enemy.
Lots of Whacking Lots of Whacking 0.78 06/17/2011 07:18:47
Win a game of Alien Abortion in the strip club
Second Eye Second Eye 0.78 09/20/2016 01:54:41
Provide an enemy player with a freezecam of you shaking your rump.
The High Road The High Road 0.77 09/20/2016 01:54:41
Sticky jump onto a cap point and capture it.
Blast Assist Blast Assist 0.77 09/20/2016 01:54:46
Assist in exploding 5 enemies with a single ÜberCharge on a Soldier.
Cap Trap Cap Trap 0.77 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Kill an enemy who is capturing a control point with a critical hit.
Blunt Trauma Blunt Trauma 0.77 09/20/2016 01:54:46
Assist in punching 2 enemies with a single ÜberCharge on a Heavy.
Damage Dealer Damage Dealer 0.77 07/27/2011 07:43:48
Deal in total more than 1000 points of damage
Mission Control Mission Control 0.76 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Pick up the Australium from its home position and capture it without dropping it.
War Zone War Zone 0.76 01/14/2017 22:25:28
Killed 1000 Baddies
Star of My Own Show Star of My Own Show 0.76 09/20/2016 01:55:16
Spend some time editing a replay.
Helltower: Hat Out of Hell Helltower: Hat Out of Hell 0.76 09/20/2016 01:55:11
Get the loot from Skull Island in Hell
Got A Light? Got A Light? 0.75 09/20/2016 01:54:56
Ignite an enemy Spy while he's flicking a cigarette.
Rocket Booster Rocket Booster 0.74 09/20/2016 01:55:37
Win a round after the enemy team has opened the rocket lid.
A Lovely Vacation Spot A Lovely Vacation Spot 0.74 09/20/2016 01:55:11
Get to Skull Island and claim your reward!
System Upgrade System Upgrade 0.74 08/28/2016 18:31:54
Max out all primary weapon upgrades.
Double Mauled Scotch Double Mauled Scotch 0.74 09/20/2016 01:54:41
Kill 2 people in a single sticky jump.
The Boostie Boys The Boostie Boys 0.74 09/20/2016 01:54:36
Buff 15 teammates with the Buff Banner in a single life.
Somniphobia Somniphobia 0.74 08/16/2013 08:52:04
Play the game for at least 20 hours.
S*M*A*S*H S*M*A*S*H 0.74 09/20/2016 01:54:36
Assist a Medic in exploding 5 enemies with a single ÜberCharge.
With Friends Like these... With Friends Like these... 0.74 09/20/2016 01:54:20
Play in a game with five or more players from your Friends list.
Kritical Terror Kritical Terror 0.74 11/20/2016 20:14:34
Use a canteen charged with 'Crit Boost' to destroy a giant robot.
Six-String Stinger Six-String Stinger 0.73 09/20/2016 01:55:06
Provide an enemy player with a freezecam of your guitar playing skills.
Balls-E Balls-E 0.73 08/28/2016 07:08:02
Destroy the tank during the final seconds of the bomb being deployed.
Maximum Performance Maximum Performance 0.73 10/22/2016 19:08:26
Max out all resistances on a single class.
Number One Assistant Number One Assistant 0.73 09/20/2016 01:54:31
Score 5 assists with the Jarate in a single round.
Two Minute Warring Two Minute Warring 0.73 09/20/2016 01:55:27
Be part of a team that wins within two minutes.
The Argyle Sap The Argyle Sap 0.72 09/20/2016 01:54:41
Blow up an Engineer, his sentry gun, and his dispenser with a single stickybomb detonation.
Helltower: Hell's Spells Helltower: Hell's Spells 0.72 09/20/2016 01:55:11
Get and use a rare spell
Dive Into a Good Book Dive Into a Good Book 0.72 09/20/2016 01:55:11
Get to Loot Island and claim your reward!
Pokerface Pokerface 0.72 02/02/2013 23:36:45
Use 5 card combinations in one battle
Bewitched Bewitched 0.71 01/06/2012 23:07:38
Active a Powercard 10 times

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