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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Home Turf Home Turf 1.24 07/10/2024 07:22:17
Complete New York City
High Three High Three 1.63 07/10/2024 07:11:46
Defeat a level at exactly 3:00
Cosplayer Cosplayer 1.13 07/10/2024 07:11:46
Change a costume
Ninja Ninja 1.05 07/10/2024 07:02:16
Defeat 300 Enemies
Fists of Fire Fists of Fire 1.07 07/10/2024 07:01:14
Get a 200 hit combo
Urban Outfitter Urban Outfitter 1.13 07/10/2024 06:56:04
Use a special from each New York City costume
Ninja Pizza Ninja Pizza 1.20 07/08/2024 07:11:54
Defeat an enemy with the Pizza Delivery Guy
Pizza Power Pizza Power 1.00 07/08/2024 07:11:54
Use a pizza 5 times
Turtle Power Turtle Power 1.08 07/08/2024 07:09:29
Use Turtle Power 5 times
Fists of Fury Fists of Fury 0.96 07/08/2024 07:09:29
Get a 50 hit combo

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Ice Warrior Ice Warrior 2.74
Complete Ice World With 3 Stars
Street Fighter Street Fighter 1.89
Complete New York City with 3 Kraang Crystals in each level.
Rock Soldier Rock Soldier 2.74
Complete Magma World with 3 Kraang Crystals in each level.
Turtle Knight Turtle Knight 1.70
Complete Frost World
Perfect Ninja Perfect Ninja 2.44
Complete 5 levels without taking any damage
Hot Stuff Hot Stuff 1.96
Complete Magma World
Ninja Leader Ninja Leader 1.48
Defeat 1000 enemies.
Ninja Master Ninja Master 2.44
Defeat 10000 enemies.
Brawler Brawler 1.89
Defeat 100 enemies in a challenge level
Master Brawler Master Brawler 2.74
Defeat 300 enemies in a challenge level
Fly Swatter Fly Swatter 2.74
Defeat Stockman-Fly without taking any damage
Bring Home The Bacon Bring Home The Bacon 2.74
Defeat Bebop without taking any damage
Speed Demon Speed Demon 2.74
Defeat a level in less than 2 minutes
By The Horns By The Horns 2.74
Defeat Rocksteady without taking any damage
Smash Party Smash Party 1.46
Destroy 100 destructible objects
Fellowship of Turtles Fellowship of Turtles 1.83
Equip 2 Knights & 2 Wizards
Universal Cosplayer Universal Cosplayer 2.14
Use a costume special from each world
Master Cosplayer Master Cosplayer 2.74
Equip each costume
Ninja Mind Trick Ninja Mind Trick 2.04
Get an enemy to defeat another enemy, 10 times
Randomizer Randomizer 2.74
Randomly get 4 of the same costume
Pro Cosplayer Pro Cosplayer 2.74
Unlock each costume
LARPing Power LARPing Power 2.44
Use 4 Knight specials at the same time
Coming Out of Their Shells Tour Coming Out of Their Shells Tour 2.74
Use 4 Rock Star specials at the same time
The Works The Works 2.44
Use each type of pizza in a single level
Lord Simultaneous Lord Simultaneous 2.44
Use Time Traveler & Wizard special at the same time
Hungry as a Bear Hungry as a Bear 2.44
Use an Extra Large pizza while using the Cave Bear Warrior special
Space Pirates Space Pirates 2.74
Equip 2 Space Suit & 2 Pirate costumes
Super Turtles Super Turtles 2.74
Equip all 4 Super Hero costumes
Shadow Warrior Shadow Warrior 2.74
Equip all 4 Shadow Ninja costumes
Dimension Hopper Dimension Hopper 2.44
Unlock each challenge level
Take That, Kitty Cat! Take That, Kitty Cat! 2.74
Defeat Tiger Claw without taking any damage
Shred the Shredder! Shred the Shredder! 2.74
Defeat Shredder without taking any damage
Savior of the City Savior of the City 2.44
Complete Corrupted NYC with 3 Kraang Crystals in each level.
Interdimensional All-Star Interdimensional All-Star 2.74
Complete Shadow World with 3 Kraang Crystals in each level.
Local Hero Local Hero 2.04
Complete Corrupted NYC
Interdimensional Hero Interdimensional Hero 2.04
Complete Shadow World
Urban Cosplay Master Urban Cosplay Master 2.14
Equip all Corrupted NYC costume
Shadow Cosplayer Shadow Cosplayer 2.14
Equip all Shadow World costume
Nightmare Ninja Nightmare Ninja 2.74
Complete the game in Nightmare Mode.
Nightmare Master Nightmare Master 2.74
Complete the game in Nightmare Mode with 3 stars in each level.
Jurassic LARP Jurassic LARP 1.83
Use a special from each Magma World costume
Cool As Ice Cool As Ice 1.51
Use a special from each Frost World costume
Pizza Face Pizza Face 2.14
Use each type of pizza

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