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0.6 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
An Eye for You An Eye for You 0.87 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Cyclops memories
Existential Nonsense Existential Nonsense 0.74 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Mummy memories
Small Fry Small Fry 0.65 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Goblin memories
Unhinged Unhinged 0.61 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Incubus memories
Beast Qaron Memories Beast Qaron Memories 0.60 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Beast Qaron memories
Orc Ordeal Orc Ordeal 0.60 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Orc memories
Lord Qaron Memories Lord Qaron Memories 0.55 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Lord Qaron memories
Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack 0.55 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Skeleton memories
Money Grubbers Money Grubbers 0.52 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked all Rat memories
Awooooo! Awooooo! 0.49 03/20/2022 18:21:32
Unlocked Werewolf memories
First Loop First Loop 0.23 03/20/2022 17:50:51
Experience your first loop

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Attack Master Attack Master 0.60
Max out Attack
Healthy Elf Healthy Elf 0.69
Max out Health
Defense Master Defense Master 0.69
Max out Defense
Crit Master Crit Master 0.65
Max out Crit. Rate
Skillful Warrior Skillful Warrior 0.61
Max out Skill Slots
Choices... Choices... Choices... Choices... 0.56
Max out Skill Selection Choices
All the Skills All the Skills 0.55
Max out Skill Tiers
Always Prepared Always Prepared 0.60
Max out Pre-Assigned Skill Slots
You Did It! But... You Did It! But... 0.51
Killed Lord Qaron for the first time
You Did It Again! But... You Did It Again! But... 0.58
Killed Beast Qaron for the first time
The Terrible Truth The Terrible Truth 0.51
Discovered Lord Qaron's secret
Successful Escape Successful Escape 0.61
Successfully escaped
The 11st Floor The 11st Floor 0.35
Reached the 11st floor
The 21st Floor The 21st Floor 0.43
Reached the 21st floor
The 31st Floor The 31st Floor 0.50
Reached the 31st floor

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