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Rank Player Best achievements Points Last update
1 Subninja Subninja Beer CaseBad VibesReal TalentSeneca FallsDouble S+MouldyThis is ok.Bad WorkmanshipThere's some Magic In ThereSparow HunterBoom!The Gates of HellArchitectHovercraftCritical Thinking 1924.89 11/30/2023 22:17:45
2 YouWantCookies YouWantCookies Have my axeDauntless DelverGold SurvivorCradle and AllFully LoadedStellar SetMaster ShieldbearerMaster ArmorerMaster BombardierMad HatterMaestroSempreTacetDon't Fire Until You SeeTower of Babble 670.10 08/21/2022 11:49:12
3 SleepinGeo2 SleepinGeo2 Immortal SaviorImmortal LegendImmortal Conqueror of ChaosImmortal ExecutionerArcade Clear: NormalArcade Clear: EasySecret Mission 07: Perfect PacifistSecret Mission 06: Clean ShoesS-Rank: Laser BotsS-Rank: RivalS-Rank: Bubble CoreCumulusMere ExplorerA New FamilyThat was it. 486.74 08/25/2023 07:01:19
4 Honey Boo Boo Honey Boo Boo Mori VictoryWolves of MibuSwathed in FireBringing a sword to a sword fightUp close and personalBallistics ExpertTake a kneeHonorary ServiceLast Man StandingBBQ chefLight my fireWoodpeckerThe TransporterFiring the Gats PlatinumBukochosho 413.30 06/29/2023 18:09:24
5 micevans micevans Title HolderCosmic PrestigeAll in Doom's TimeBlack Panther, Solo RunTreasure HuntingSpider-Man, Solo RunAsgard's AssassinThe Goblin KingDistinguished ValorLatest VersionNatchios Ordinary HeroFantastic VoyageShadowcatFocused ChiLitigator 377.17 01/31/2019 23:04:05
6 baronVONbaron baronVONbaron Private profile 257.39 11/27/2020 04:21:25
7 SLIM SLIM MiserFearsome Commander of MenEradicate the HattoriReach level 20Heads TogetherAll Spears UnlockedSR Service Stripe 1I’ve got your back!Spitfire SlayerAR Sharpshooter badge 2Having the time of your DeathI said drop and give me 20!SMG Combat badgeHigh Voltage!Premade 188.70 02/19/2022 00:58:06
8 AimAssist AimAssist Cookin' With GasTake No PrisonersPoint ManRationingKing of KingsAll Crossbows UnlockedAll Bows UnlockedI am a wallAll  One handed Axes UnlockedSightseeingAll One handed blunt weapons UnlockedReach level 20Heads TogetherAll Spears UnlockedI've Signed the DiRT Charter 180.26 10/05/2022 04:59:59
9 Clsk Clsk Krazy IvanPyromancerFirst Blood, Part 2BrushbackKollectivizationSector ClearedHere, At the End of All ThingsVisible, Violent DeathHurt LockerBodycount IISpitfire SlayerAR Sharpshooter badge 2Having the time of your DeathI said drop and give me 20!At Ease, Rookie 174.84 12/21/2017 07:03:05
10 BOT Brandon BOT Brandon Private profile 56.28 06/12/2015 00:03:29
11 Pwnan the Barbarian Pwnan the Barbarian Private profile 0.00
12 Z-GLR Z-GLR 0.00
13 LEdul LEdul 0.00

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