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5.5 average hours needed for completion.

49 achievements worth of 62.38 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Camp Scamp Camp Scamp You scamp! You got a date for the Meteor Shower! 02/12/2021 00:18:28 1.28
Camp Swamp Camp Swamp NYou got rejected and were exiled into a swamp. 02/12/2021 00:18:28 1.16
Camp Champ Camp Champ Why choose just one date when you can date everyone? 02/12/2021 00:18:28 1.59
Camp Cramp Camp Cramp Getting rejected by everyone is an achievement in and of itself 02/12/2021 00:18:28 1.59
Revealer of Secrets Revealer of Secrets You unveiled the first secret ending. 02/12/2021 00:18:28 1.46
Merchant of Secrets Merchant of Secrets Half of the secret endings? Not bad! 02/12/2021 00:18:28 1.59
Master of Secrets Master of Secrets Whoa, you've seen ALL THE SECRET ENDINGS. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 0.00
Camp Experience Camp Experience You've seen half of the events in the game. Get some rest. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 1.55
Summer Experience Summer Experience You've seen ALL THE EVENTS in the game! Just wow. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 0.00
Life Experience Life Experience Okay, you've seen all the outcomes in the game. We never thought we'd see the day! 02/12/2021 00:18:29 0.00
Embrace Failure Embrace Failure We celebrate that you're not scared to fail every now and then. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 1.80
Special One Special One We put some special stuff in the game and you saw it. Hooray! 02/12/2021 00:18:29 0.00
Stay Hydrated Stay Hydrated You drank ALL the drinks of the game. Cheers to that! 02/12/2021 00:18:29 0.00
Love Yourself Love Yourself You don't need to date anyone to enjoy summer! 02/12/2021 00:18:29 1.70
Big Furry Achievement Big Furry Achievement You discovered your true self. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 1.94
Tomoni Ikou Tomoni Ikou You heard Dahlia's anthem. Now... you're one of us. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 1.80
Pizza Forever! Pizza Forever! Everyone deserves a pizza. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 1.59
Handyperson Handyperson You really are good around appliances, apparently. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 1.59
Why not ALL? Why not ALL? Bagels, quests... you did everything. 02/12/2021 00:18:29 0.00
Multiverse Parenthood Multiverse Parenthood You've fathered all the possible robot children. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 1.80
True Detective True Detective You solved the biggest mystery in Camp Spooky. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 1.80
Congratz on Being Impatient Congratz on Being Impatient Why bother writing anything here? You'll skip it anyway. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 1.80
Upper East Camp Upper East Camp You've spread... ALL THE GOSSIP. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 1.80
XOXO XOXO You've concocted the ultimate gossip... in all its forms! 02/12/2021 00:18:30 0.00
Fate Defiant Fate Defiant You defied Nostradamus' prophecy. Wild. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 0.00
Terry Sends Love Terry Sends Love Hey, this is Terry. I miss you. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 0.00
Every Day is Dahlia Day Every Day is Dahlia Day Happy Dahlia Day to you too! 02/12/2021 00:18:30 2.02
Trials and Tribulations Trials and Tribulations You met the true, tiny hero of this game. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 1.80
The Good Timeline The Good Timeline You unveiled a dark secret of the complex lore of this universe. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 1.59
Beware of Bears Beware of Bears You unmasked ALL THE BEARS in this game. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 0.00
BUFF BAD DUCKS BUFF BAD DUCKS Can someone please compose the theme song for this non-existent 90s cartoon? Thanks. 02/12/2021 00:18:30 1.62
Bad Boi Bad Boi Not a good boy anymore... 02/12/2021 00:18:30 1.86
Good Dude Good Dude WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.80
Turnip Boyfriend Turnip Boyfriend TURNIP BOYFRIEND! 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.59
Interdimensional Squad Interdimensional Squad You unveiled a much bigger adventure happening within this universe. 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.55
The Way of the Salad The Way of the Salad Don't eat the salad, BE the salad. 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.59
Cool kidz don't gamble! Cool kidz don't gamble! You can bet all your money that gambling is no good! 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.56
Going Fancy Going Fancy You unleashed fanciness into camp! 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.59
Welcome to the Pizza Dimension Welcome to the Pizza Dimension You met the pizza-est version of your friends. Yummy. 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.80
This Cat is THE CAT This Cat is THE CAT Follow and subscribe! @ThisCatIsTHECAT 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.80
BUCKET DAHLIA! HECK YEAH! BUCKET DAHLIA! HECK YEAH! Twin Powers Activate! 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.95
A Damien of Many Faces A Damien of Many Faces One Damien is not enough Damien. 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.80
Salut i força al canut! Salut i força al canut! You've heard some beautiful Catalan! 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.80
Updated Wardrobe Updated Wardrobe You've played a game with customized outfits. New season, new wardrobe! 02/12/2021 00:18:31 1.42
Selfcest Selfcest To love others you must first love yourself. 02/12/2021 00:18:31 0.00
Playing by Heart Playing by Heart Checking your stats is for noobs! 02/12/2021 00:18:32 1.80
Pure Loyalty Pure Loyalty You really are a creature of habit. 02/12/2021 00:18:32 0.00
Ultimate Teamwork Ultimate Teamwork Flirting is a team sport! 02/12/2021 00:18:32 1.80
Overkill Overkill You got all your stats over 100... just in case. 02/12/2021 00:18:32 1.80

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