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NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Souzou SengokuRisshiden

208.1 average hours needed for completion.

29 achievements worth of 16.58 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Step By Step Step By Step Proof of having completed a mission. 03/26/2016 15:30:43 0.26
First Battle First Battle Proof of having joined your first battle. 03/26/2016 15:30:43 0.28
Left In Charge Left In Charge Proof of having been promoted to chamberlain. 03/26/2016 15:30:44 0.34
Castle In Hand Castle In Hand Proof of having been promoted to lord. 03/26/2016 15:30:44 0.36
Cunning Fox Cunning Fox Proof of having defected to an enemy clan giving your castle as a gift. 03/26/2016 15:30:45 0.59
Master Of Siege Master Of Siege Proof of having captured a castle in a siege battle. 03/26/2016 15:30:45 0.35
Ambition Achieved Ambition Achieved Proof of achieving all feats in "NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence - Ascension" 03/26/2016 15:30:45 1.05
Homebody Homebody Proof of having cleared all the land of your domain. 03/26/2016 15:30:46 0.45
Great Leader Great Leader Proof of having been promoted to regent. 03/26/2016 15:30:46 0.43
Inner Circle Together Inner Circle Together Proof of having assigned all inner circle titles to officers as a lord. 03/26/2016 15:30:46 0.52
Marriage Marriage Proof of having married. 03/26/2016 15:30:47 0.46
Like A Dream Like A Dream Proof of having gone through an entire life for the first time. 03/26/2016 15:30:47 0.72
Enduring Fortunes Enduring Fortunes Proof of having won in a mass battle. 03/26/2016 15:30:47 0.57
Sengoku Daimyo Sengoku Daimyo Proof of having climbed up to daimyo status. 03/26/2016 15:30:48 0.54
For The People For The People Proof of having completed a total of 50 entreaties. 03/26/2016 15:30:48 0.52
Wise And Brave Wise And Brave Proof of having increased each of your abilities by 20. 03/26/2016 15:30:48 0.54
Upheaval Upheaval Proof of having established independence from your clan. 03/26/2016 15:30:49 0.56
Impregnable Impregnable Proof of having fended off an enemy in a siege battle. 03/26/2016 15:30:49 0.54
Model Warrior Model Warrior Proof of having helped your clan to unification as a senior officer. 03/26/2016 15:30:49 0.68
Road To Unification Road To Unification Proof of having maximized your fame. 03/26/2016 15:30:50 0.72
Virtu Virtu Proof of having gathered all first grade items. 03/26/2016 15:30:50 0.98
Plot After Plot Plot After Plot Proof of having colluded a total of 20 times. 03/26/2016 15:30:51 0.67
Japan's Best Soldier Japan's Best Soldier Proof of having won the Siege of Osaka with Yukimura Sanada. 03/26/2016 15:30:51 0.68
Grand Unifier Grand Unifier Proof of having won the Siege of Osaka with Ieyasu Tokugawa. 03/26/2016 15:30:51 0.89
Seasoned Veteran Seasoned Veteran Proof of having won 100 battles. 03/26/2016 15:30:52 0.74
Rising In Rank Rising In Rank Proof of having gained 10,000 honor. 03/26/2016 15:30:52 0.42
War God War God Proof of having defeated three enemy units in a single battle. 03/26/2016 15:30:52 0.43
Elite Four Elite Four Proof of having an officer with over 100 points for each of their abilities. 03/26/2016 15:30:53 0.54
Sengoku Legend Sengoku Legend Proof of having unified Japan as a daimyo. 03/26/2016 15:30:53 0.74

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