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14.5 average hours needed for completion.

65 achievements worth of 47.98 points
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Step One Step One Obtain the first part of your armor. 05/26/2018 13:44:15 0.30
Step Two Step Two Obtain the second part of your armor. 05/26/2018 13:44:15 0.30
Step Three Step Three Make some hard choices. 05/26/2018 13:44:17 0.33
Step Four Step Four Reveal the fruits of your labors. 05/26/2018 13:44:19 0.33
Step Five Step Five Make sure they get it right. 05/26/2018 13:44:20 0.49
Step Six Step Six Sit back and enjoy the headlines. 05/26/2018 13:44:20 0.33
Anonymous Anonymous What you do is more important than who you are. 05/26/2018 13:44:20 0.55
Ripples on the Water Ripples on the Water Drop a pebble in a pond. 05/26/2018 13:44:20 0.60
Friends in High Places Friends in High Places When you want to be alone, two is a crowd. 05/26/2018 13:44:21 1.15
Public Menace Public Menace Why not leave your mark on the city? 05/26/2018 13:44:21 0.67
Friendless Friendless Going through the motions. 05/26/2018 13:44:21 1.45
Still Got It Still Got It Will knowing your enemy be enough? 05/26/2018 13:44:22 0.49
Casanova Casanova You're playing the field. 05/26/2018 13:44:22 0.75
Puppetmaster Puppetmaster You learned from the best. 05/26/2018 13:44:22 0.85
A Blow to Their Pride A Blow to Their Pride Look good to make others look bad. 05/26/2018 13:44:22 0.55
A New Recruit A New Recruit A good start. 05/26/2018 13:44:22 0.41
Oooops Oooops Looks like you managed to gain some unwanted attention. 05/26/2018 13:44:22 0.55
Joined at the Hip Joined at the Hip You'd rather forget about your past. 05/26/2018 13:44:22 0.85
Can't Touch This Can't Touch This You're in a league of your own. 05/26/2018 13:44:23 1.15
From the Shadows From the Shadows Worked outside the system. 05/26/2018 13:44:23 0.83
A Doctor's Appointment A Doctor's Appointment Come up for a coffee? 05/26/2018 13:44:23 0.55
Past Glory Past Glory It still feels fake. 05/26/2018 13:44:26 0.97
Who Dares, Wins Who Dares, Wins You decided to fight a Re-Gene and lived through the experience. 05/26/2018 13:44:27 0.67
I'm Getting Too Old for This I'm Getting Too Old for This Maybe you should have worked harder on keeping in shape. 05/26/2018 13:44:28 0.76
Like It's Hard Like It's Hard Everything went according to plan. 05/26/2018 13:44:28 0.97
Dive Too Deep Dive Too Deep Helping out a friend for old times' sake. 05/26/2018 13:44:28 0.33
It's Complicated It's Complicated Do you even want a relationship? 05/26/2018 13:44:28 0.45
Mirror Images Mirror Images You've found a way to stand looking at yourself in the mirror. 05/26/2018 13:44:28 0.97
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake Tastes just as sweet. 05/26/2018 13:44:28 0.55
Eyes Open Eyes Open Don't be squeamish. 05/26/2018 13:44:28 1.45
Shades of Gray Shades of Gray No need to take this thing too far. 05/26/2018 13:44:29 0.37
One More Day One More Day Sometimes, that's all you can focus on. 05/26/2018 13:44:30 0.97
Scaring the Baby Scaring the Baby It might not be the right thing to do, but it sure feels good. 05/26/2018 13:44:30 0.75
A Thin, Red Line A Thin, Red Line Will you cross it? 05/26/2018 13:44:30 0.97
A True Villain A True Villain What's the use of holding your tongue? 05/26/2018 13:44:30 1.15
After Work After Work Winding down is never a bad idea, right? 05/26/2018 13:44:30 0.37
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage It's something you've come to expect. 05/26/2018 13:44:31 0.85
Red Twelve Red Twelve You still don't know whether this was a fluke or not. 05/26/2018 13:44:31 0.97
Days of Our Lives Days of Our Lives How did you even get into this situation? 05/26/2018 13:44:31 1.15
Three's Company Three's Company A sitcom-worthy love life. 05/26/2018 13:44:31 1.15
Cinderella Cinderella In a different life, perhaps… 05/26/2018 13:44:31 0.41
Argumentative Argumentative A good argument clears the air, but sometimes it makes things worse. 05/26/2018 13:44:32 0.67
Outsider Outsider It just gets worse. 05/26/2018 13:44:32 0.45
As Close as You Dare As Close as You Dare Wearing masks makes everything easier. 05/26/2018 13:44:32 0.60
A Newfound Focus A Newfound Focus Apparently, you're good at motivating people. 05/26/2018 13:44:32 1.45
And I Walk Away And I Walk Away Sometimes it's the easier choice. 05/26/2018 13:44:32 0.55
Yoink Yoink You've never let people get away with threatening you with guns, not even Dr. Mortum. 05/26/2018 13:44:32 0.75
On the Couch On the Couch What on earth were you thinking? 05/26/2018 13:44:32 0.41
Taste the Metal Taste the Metal You wish you could forget. 05/26/2018 13:44:33 0.97
How It Should Be How It Should Be You've learned from your mistakes, right? 05/26/2018 13:44:33 0.97
Business or Pleasure Business or Pleasure How close is too close? 05/26/2018 13:44:34 0.55
Looking into the Abyss Looking into the Abyss You've looked into the eyes of something not quite human: you have no idea what Lady Argent is, but it scares you. 05/26/2018 13:44:35 0.85
In the Name of Science In the Name of Science How can something so fragile-looking be so tough? 05/26/2018 13:44:35 0.85
It's Payback Time It's Payback Time It's been years; you've waited long enough. 05/26/2018 13:44:36 0.55
A Close Shave A Close Shave Just like the good old days. 05/26/2018 13:44:36 1.15
Unbreakable Unbreakable Is there a way to beat Lady Argent in a fair fight? 05/26/2018 13:44:36 0.97
Scarface Scarface You messed up. Badly. 05/26/2018 13:44:37 0.00
Damocles Damocles You decided to booby-trap Lady Argent's mind when you had the opportunity. 05/26/2018 13:44:37 0.85
Voyeur Voyeur You sifted through Lady Argent's memories of Ortega when you were busy in her mind. 05/26/2018 13:44:37 0.85
Unscrupulous Unscrupulous If people won't change their minds, you'll give them a nudge. 05/26/2018 13:44:37 0.75
Running for It Running for It Sometimes the smarter choice to make. 05/26/2018 13:44:37 0.55
Spoils of War Spoils of War Taking trophies from your enemy is a time-honored tradition. 05/26/2018 13:44:38 0.97
Nemesis Nemesis You've made a deadly enemy. 05/26/2018 13:44:38 0.67
Bullseye Bullseye The single hardest shot you've ever taken. 05/26/2018 13:44:38 0.97
I Want It All I Want It All And I want it now. 05/26/2018 13:44:38 0.97

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