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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Broke the Ice Broke the Ice 1.65 06/11/2024 11:33:26
Sent text chat to other players in an open puzzle
Elite Organizer Elite Organizer 1.27 06/10/2024 22:25:07
Sorted a selected group of pieces
Mass Transit Mass Transit 0.84 06/10/2024 22:25:00
Moved a selected group of pieces
Organizer Organizer 0.86 06/10/2024 22:23:11
Sorted the pieces
On a Roll On a Roll 0.70 06/10/2024 22:00:12
Connect one hundred pieces
Apprentice Puzzler Apprentice Puzzler 0.65 06/10/2024 21:53:46
First puzzle completed

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Journeyman Puzzler Journeyman Puzzler 1.39
Completed ten puzzles
Expert Puzzler Expert Puzzler 2.08
Completed one hundred puzzles
Master Puzzler Master Puzzler 2.14
Completed five hundred puzzles
Grand Master Puzzler Grand Master Puzzler 2.14
Completed one thousand puzzles
Puzzler Adept Puzzler Adept 2.14
Completed two thousand puzzles
Puzzler Sage Puzzler Sage 2.14
Completed five thousand puzzles
Puzzler Guru Puzzler Guru 2.14
Completed ten thousand puzzles
1000 Clicks 1000 Clicks 1.19
Connected one thousand pieces
Thirty Two Cubed Thirty Two Cubed 2.03
Connected 32,768 pieces
100k Club 100k Club 2.11
Connected one hundred thousand pieces
Point Five Megasnaps Point Five Megasnaps 2.14
Connected five hundred thousand pieces
A Million Little Pieces A Million Little Pieces 2.14
Connected one million pieces
Plugging Away Plugging Away 1.04
One week of puzzling
Veteran Veteran 1.11
One month of puzzling
Seasoned Puzzler Seasoned Puzzler 1.16
Three months of puzzling
Sollicitat Annum Sollicitat Annum 1.36
One year of puzzling
Old Timer Old Timer 1.77
Two years of puzzling
Doyen Doyen 2.11
Three years of puzzling
Lent a Hand Lent a Hand 1.55
Accepted invitation to join a puzzle
Pull Up a Chair Pull Up a Chair 1.40
Sent invitation to join a puzzle
Bookworm Bookworm 1.59
Read the guide all the way through
Solitaire Solitaire 1.71
Finished a 500+ piece puzzle by yourself
Party Animal Party Animal 1.80
Puzzled with 10+ players online at one time
Host with the Most Host with the Most 2.09
Hosted a puzzle with 20+ players online at one time
Unsung Hero Unsung Hero 1.97
Placed at least 25% of the pieces of a large popular open puzzle
Steal the Thunder Steal the Thunder 1.91
Placed the final piece in a large popular open puzzle
Puzzlesmith Puzzlesmith 1.23
Completed a custom puzzle of your own creation
Flipped Out Flipped Out 1.25
Flipped the box

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