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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No Time for Tongue! No Time for Tongue! 1.67 01/04/2022 04:22:51
Defeat Pony
I Live for the Hunt I Live for the Hunt 1.38 01/04/2022 04:09:56
Extract 10 Void Fragments
My Diagnosis Is Calcium Deficiency My Diagnosis Is Calcium Deficiency 1.51 01/04/2022 04:09:53
Defeat Emeraldon Echino
Oink Oink, Meatheads! Oink Oink, Meatheads! 1.48 01/04/2022 03:45:12
Defeat 50 Porkos
Seasoned Stomper Seasoned Stomper 1.74 01/04/2022 03:44:16
Get a Stomp Combo of 10
Don't Be Such a Crybaby Don't Be Such a Crybaby 1.30 01/04/2022 03:37:56
Defeat Formless Prime
They Shot First, I Think They Shot First, I Think 1.34 01/04/2022 03:35:53
Defeat 50 Shramplings
Light up the Dark Light up the Dark 1.32 01/04/2022 03:33:48
Activate 25 Beacons
Pricked the Prickly Pricked the Prickly 1.51 01/03/2022 03:16:01
Defeat Echino
I Can Get Used to Collecting These I Can Get Used to Collecting These 1.24 01/03/2022 03:14:47
Pick up 100 Shards
Capable Stomper Capable Stomper 1.57 01/03/2022 03:13:30
Get a Stomp Combo of 5
I Can Still Smell It I Can Still Smell It 1.32 01/03/2022 02:59:15
Defeat Lippyplop
Beginner Stomper Beginner Stomper 1.39 01/03/2022 02:50:01
Get a Stomp Combo of 3

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Power Surge Power Surge 1.47
Defeat Magmoth
Quick, Grab the Crown! Quick, Grab the Crown! 1.36
Defeat The Matriarch
Pest Control Pest Control 1.40
Defeat 50 Imperiants
And Stay Dead! And Stay Dead! 1.81
Defeat 50 Emeraldons
Mutant Slayer Mutant Slayer 1.40
Defeat 25 Gloptolisks
Be Gone Creep! Be Gone Creep! 1.47
Defeat 25 Formless
Rest Now, Weird Skeleton Crab Thing Rest Now, Weird Skeleton Crab Thing 1.93
Defeat 25 Emeraldon Echino Babies
Professional Gardening Professional Gardening 2.07
Defeat 25 Cactoid Mamas
And They're Not Even Edible And They're Not Even Edible 1.76
Defeat 25 Spore Born
Pulling Out the Weeds Pulling Out the Weeds 1.80
Defeat 50 Weedlings
Don't Tell Magmoth Don't Tell Magmoth 1.83
Defeat 25 Magmoth Babies
Fly Swatter Fly Swatter 1.44
Defeat 25 Magflies
I'm So Sorry I'm So Sorry 1.63
Defeat 25 Cactoid Babies
...And One Million More To Go ...And One Million More To Go 1.30
Defeat 25 Imperiant Babies
I Love These Things! I Love These Things! 1.56
Pick up 500 Shards
Rich Adventurer Rich Adventurer 1.79
Pick up 1000 Shards
Absolutely Loaded Absolutely Loaded 2.57
Pick up 5000 Shards
Filthy Rich Filthy Rich 3.12
Pick up 10.000 Shards
Competent Blocker Competent Blocker 2.08
Block 100 Attacks
Corruption Cleanup Specialist Corruption Cleanup Specialist 1.55
Extract 25 Void Fragments
Legendary Hero Legendary Hero 1.72
Extract 50 Void Fragments
Entry Denied Entry Denied 1.48
Complete a run
Challenger Challenger 1.74
Complete a run on Rogue
Vanquisher Vanquisher 2.15
Complete a run on Intense
Champion of the Antivoid Champion of the Antivoid 3.04
Complete a run on Impossible
Conqueror Conqueror 2.52
Complete a run on Brutal
Void Challenger Void Challenger 1.86
Unlocked the Void Challenger
Challenged the Void Challenged the Void 1.94
Completed the Void Challenge
Exquisite Stomper Exquisite Stomper 1.96
Get a Stomp Combo of 20
Bronze Loop Bronze Loop 2.42
Complete a Loop on 'Rogue' or Higher
Silver Loop Silver Loop 2.92
Complete Loop 3 on 'Rogue' or Higher
Gold Loop Gold Loop 3.22
Complete Loop 5 on 'Rogue' or Higher
Void Loop Void Loop 3.52
Complete Loop 3 on 'Impossible'
From the Top From the Top 1.51
Unlock the Void Portal
I Am No Puppet I Am No Puppet 1.53
Beat The Void Puppeteer exactly one time
Back to the Void With You! Back to the Void With You! 2.00
Defeat 50 Voidlings
Rip This! Rip This! 2.45
Defeat 25 Rippers
Under New Management Under New Management 2.45
Defeat 25 Overseers
Not so Scary Anymore Not so Scary Anymore 2.67
Defeat 25 Ravagers
Great Customer Great Customer 2.42
Buy out the shop
Best Customer Best Customer 2.71
Buy out the shop 3 times
Heir to the Cloudy Throne Heir to the Cloudy Throne 1.67
Unlock Clozo
Cloudy Arsenal Cloudy Arsenal 2.09
Unlock all of Clozo's starter weapons
Beginner No More Beginner No More 1.98
Unlock all of Drash's starter weapons
See You in the Tower of Problems See You in the Tower of Problems 1.68
Unlock Professor Karkamas
Groundbreaking Inventions Groundbreaking Inventions 2.20
Unlock all of professor Karkamas' starter weapons
The Guardian of the Forest The Guardian of the Forest 1.73
Unlock Botanika
Straight Outta the Ground Straight Outta the Ground 2.21
Unlock all of Botanika's starter weapons
Hejdå! Hejdå! 1.76
Defeat 25 Tomtos
No Nordunn No More No Nordunn No More 1.85
Defeat 50 Nordunn
You Can't Rune From Me You Can't Rune From Me 2.19
Defeat 25 Nordunn Elders
Unhappy Camper Unhappy Camper 2.06
Defeat 50 Ugglur
End of Summer End of Summer 3.24
Defeat 25 North Poles
A Murder of Pinecrows A Murder of Pinecrows 2.09
Defeat 25 Greater Pinecrows
A Pain in the Neck A Pain in the Neck 2.05
Defeat Skogr
As Foretold As Foretold 2.00
Defeat The Prophecy
Reach for the Stars Reach for the Stars 1.94
Fully upgrade a powerup
Risk and Reward Risk and Reward 1.61
Clear a Room Challenge
Riskier and Rewardier Riskier and Rewardier 1.86
Clear 5 Room Challenges
Riskiest and Rewardiest Riskiest and Rewardiest 2.12
Clear 15 Room Challenges
At Death's Door At Death's Door 2.49
Get revived by a Health Ghost
Mama's Little Helper Mama's Little Helper 1.88
Complete the Ghost Quest
Voidi Go Fast Voidi Go Fast 2.92
Complete a run in less than 30 minutes
Beacon Breaker Beacon Breaker 2.11
Cause a Beacon to be destroyed
An Experiment Gone Terribly Right An Experiment Gone Terribly Right 2.15
Unlock Doctor Fusion
The Doctor Is In The Doctor Is In 2.43
Unlock all of Doctor Fusion's starter weapons
Make a Friend Make a Friend 2.30
Create your first pet
Popular Popular 2.77
Create 5 pets
Too Many Birthdays to Remember Too Many Birthdays to Remember 2.98
Create 10 pets
Fake Friends Fake Friends 3.12
Banish 3 pets
Discovered the Discoverer Discovered the Discoverer 1.97
Unlock Karkamas' World Expander
Crustacean Mutiny Crustacean Mutiny 2.36
Defeat the Kegler Captain
Walk the Plank and Explode Walk the Plank and Explode 2.70
Defeat 50 Keglers
Blue Screen Big Scream Blue Screen Big Scream 2.70
Defeat Alan Gloob
Get Gloobed Get Gloobed 3.13
Defeat 50 Glooboids
Crusher Crusher Crusher Crusher 3.07
Defeat 25 Gloob Crushers
Antlantis Explorer Antlantis Explorer 2.25
Unlock the Antlantis World Expansion
Porko Land Explorer Porko Land Explorer 2.39
Unlock the Porko Land World Expansion
Reap the Harvest Reap the Harvest 2.85
Defeat The Harvester
North Explorer North Explorer 2.59
Unlock the North World Expansion
Pumpkin Season Pumpkin Season 3.34
Defeat 50 Junior Harvesters
Stone Dead Stone Dead 3.34
Defeat 25 Harvest Golems

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