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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
You activated my trap card! You activated my trap card! 1.03 01/13/2022 20:52:32
Activate 3 or more traps in a round
Merchant of doom Merchant of doom 1.03 12/26/2021 02:06:03
Defeat Jekserah in Campaign
Anatomy Lesson Anatomy Lesson 0.92 12/26/2021 02:06:03
Inflict 4 or more different negative conditions with the Tinkerer actions in a scenario
The Rat King The Rat King 1.21 12/25/2021 22:22:06
Defeat the Merciless Overseer in Campaign
Caught off guard Caught off guard 0.94 12/23/2021 14:34:12
Defeat the Inox Bodyguards in Campaign
Who's the Boss? Who's the Boss? 0.66 12/23/2021 02:35:29
Defeat the Bandit Commander in Campaign
Mine... All Mine... Mine... All Mine... 0.86 12/22/2021 03:54:00
Have the Scoundrel in your party loot 14 or more gold piles in a scenario
Just when I thought I was out... Just when I thought I was out... 0.77 12/22/2021 02:43:23
Recover 7 burned cards with Spellweaver actions in a round
Vaccine Incoming Vaccine Incoming 0.62 12/22/2021 02:43:23
Heal more than 60 hit points as a party in a scenario
Spread the plague Spread the plague 0.73 12/22/2021 01:43:47
Kill an enemy with four or more negative conditions
Overkill Overkill 0.56 12/21/2021 03:16:46
Attack for 20 or more damage in a single attack
Get over here! Get over here! 0.69 12/21/2021 02:40:20
Have the brute in your party use Push or Pull actions 6 or more times in a scenario
A normal day in Gloomhaven A normal day in Gloomhaven 0.65 12/21/2021 01:54:23
Complete a scenario in Normal difficulty or higher
I'm not dead yet I'm not dead yet 0.56 12/21/2021 01:54:22
Complete a scenario without any mercenary in your party exhausting

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Power Up! Power Up! 1.34
Have a party of 4 mercenaries with at least one enhanced card each
Dungeon Veteran Dungeon Veteran 1.20
Have 5 mercenaries in retire in a single Campaign
I hate portals I hate portals 1.19
Defeat the Prime Demon in Campaign
From Gloom, only greed and death emerges From Gloom, only greed and death emerges 1.57
Defeat the Gloom in Campaign
Betray this Betray this 1.64
Defeat the Betrayer
Add a bit of colour Add a bit of colour 1.13
Defeat the Colorless in Campaign
Captain hooked Captain hooked 1.55
Defeat the Captain of the Guard in Campaign
How to train your Drake How to train your Drake 1.57
Defeat the Elder Drake in Campaign
Down the hatch Down the hatch 1.41
Defeat the Winged Horror in Campaign
An eye for an eye An eye for an eye 1.42
Defeat the Sightless Eye in Campaign
The Cephalophore The Cephalophore 1.46
Defeat the Dark Rider in Campaign
A cult following A cult following 2.60
Defeat the High Cultist in Guildmaster
Over your dead body Over your dead body 2.65
Defeat the Undead Commander in Guildmaster
Spoiler police! Spoiler police! 1.63
Unlock all the mercenaries in a single campaign
The Guildmaster The Guildmaster 2.76
Complete "It's all just a game" scenario in Guildmaster
The Cartographer The Cartographer 2.42
Complete all Travel missions in Guildmaster
Lara Who? Lara Who? 2.70
Complete all Relic Scenarios in Guildmaster
Precious! Precious! 0.92
Enhance your first card
Grizzled veteran Grizzled veteran 0.91
Retire a mercenary
Master Assassin Master Assassin 1.68
Have a mercenary in your party deal more than 200 damage in a scenario
The Sniper The Sniper 1.64
Win a scenario dealing no Melee damage
A tough job A tough job 2.37
Complete a Job mission in Brutal difficulty or higher
Pack leader Pack leader 1.27
Use 5 or more summon actions with the Summoner in a scenario
Augmented rat Augmented rat 0.85
Use 5 or more Augments with the Mindthief in a scenario
The Pro from Dover The Pro from Dover 1.47
Give 10 or more Medical Packs or Large Medical Packs in a scenario
Pretty lights! Pretty lights! 1.42
Consume at least one of each element with Elementalist during a scenario
Pain is your friend Pain is your friend 1.28
Use 10 or more abilities that damage yourself with the Berserker in a scenario
Obstacle race Obstacle race 1.06
Place 6 or more obstacles with the Cragheart in a scenario
Black death Black death 1.27
Poison 10 or more enemies with the Plagueherald in a scenario
Light of my life Light of my life 1.08
Have the Sunkeeper buff allies 10 or more times in a scenario
Quad damage Quad damage 1.36
Have the Quartermaster in your party do 4 or more attack actions in a single round
Now you see me... Now you see me... 1.37
Have the Nightshroud kill 8 or more enemies while invisible in a scenario
Grin and bear it Grin and bear it 1.63
Have the Beast Tyrant's Bear do 100 or more damage and kill 6 or more enemies in a scenario
Play it again, Sam Play it again, Sam 1.24
Use 5 or more Songs in the same scenario with the Soothsinger
Doom and gloom Doom and gloom 1.20
Kill 10 or more Doomed enemies in a scenario with Doomstalker
The Pacifist The Pacifist 1.95
Complete a scenario without any mercenary in your party killing an enemy

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