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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
It squishes! It squishes! 0.93 01/25/2016 17:53:21
Set foot in the Bawg.
My BABIES! My BABIES! 0.90 01/23/2016 05:01:33
Defeat Hewgodooko in the Savannah.
Stock Blocked Stock Blocked 0.84 01/22/2016 17:48:11
Defeat Blockstock.
Orangesmith Orangesmith 0.58 01/22/2016 01:29:38
Craft a legendary item.
Carpenter Carpenter 0.69 01/21/2016 23:31:40
Craft 100 floors.
The Hunt The Hunt 0.62 01/21/2016 22:34:09
Defeat 100 creatures.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Master Carpenter Master Carpenter 1.41
Craft 1,000 floors.
Holy Carpenter Holy Carpenter 1.81
Craft 10,000 floors.
Gongin' It Gongin' It 1.84
The Hunter The Hunter 1.19
Defeat 100 Powerful Creatures.
The Huntest The Huntest 1.86
Defeat 100 Epic Creatures.
Butcher Butcher 1.03
Defeat 1000 Creatures.
Taxidermist Taxidermist 1.60
Create 15 taxidermied creatures.
The Mediocre Wall The Mediocre Wall 1.04
Craft 100 walls.
The Great Wall The Great Wall 1.68
Craft 500 walls.
Orange Fever Orange Fever 1.40
Craft 5 legendary items.
Purple Fever Purple Fever 1.15
Wear a full set of excellent (or better).
Cold Feet Cold Feet 1.32
Set foot in the Tundra.
Krakalak Attack Krakalak Attack 1.31
Defeat Hewgodooko in the Bawg.
The Perfect Package The Perfect Package 1.52
Finally Defeat Hewgodooko.
Mouthguard Mouthguard 0.87
Defeat the Baconweed Fairy.
Praise Maarla Praise Maarla 1.06
Defeat Baary.
Predator to Prey Predator to Prey 1.27
Defeat Jessica.
Spread Your Wings Spread Your Wings 1.34
Defeat the Ynnix.
Chemotherapy Chemotherapy 1.38
Defeat Toomah.
Primal Fury Primal Fury 1.47
Defeat the Poteti.
Stonecold Stonecold 1.53
Defeat EMG.
Tinfoil Hat Tinfoil Hat 1.57
Defeat IHO.
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 1.99
Beat the game in Challenge Mode
No  Biggie No Biggie 2.13
Beat the game on Insane Mode
Signalist Signalist 2.27
Beat the first boss in hardcore mode
Danger Zone Danger Zone 2.31
Get to Bawg in hardcore mode
Chillax Chillax 2.35
Get to Tundra hardcore mode
Survivalist Survivalist 2.37
Beat the hardcore mode
Harder Core Harder Core 2.37
Beat the hardcore mode in challenge difficulty
Mission Impossible Mission Impossible 2.39
Beat the hardcore mode in insane difficulty

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