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19.3 hours playing time on record

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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
100% 100% 0.62
Complete 100% of the game
Straight A's Straight A's 0.61
Earn an Ace medal on every level
Book of Death Book of Death 0.60
Write Green into the Book of Death
Gift Hunter Gift Hunter 0.59
Collect all gifts
Book of Life Book of Life 0.59
Write Green into the Book of Life
Cheese! Cheese! 0.59
Unlock one last memory
Whole again Whole again 0.57
Unlock all of White's memories
Raz Raz 0.57
Complete your relationship with Raz
Mikey Mikey 0.57
Complete your relationship with Mikey
Violet Violet 0.57
Complete your relationship with Violet
Red Red 0.56
Complete your relationship with Red
Yellow Yellow 0.56
Complete your relationship with Yellow
Solitary Grace Solitary Grace 0.56
Complete Red's Sidequests
Green Green 0.56
Complete your relationship with Green
Don't Think Don't Think 0.55
Complete Yellow's Sidequests
Rigged Game Rigged Game 0.55
Complete Violet's Sidequests
Lousy Keychain Lousy Keychain 0.50
Redeem every Heavenly Delight Ticket
Absolution Absolution 0.49
Restore Heaven
Hand of God Hand of God 0.49
Defeat Green at the Hand of God
Mission 12 Complete Mission 12 Complete 0.49
Complete Mission 12
Mission 11 Complete Mission 11 Complete 0.48
Complete Mission 11
Surprise! Surprise! 0.48
Use the Book of Life Card on a Mimic
Third Temple Third Temple 0.47
Defeat Green at the Third Temple
Mission 10 Complete Mission 10 Complete 0.47
Complete Mission 10
Souvenir Souvenir 0.47
Find a Strange Coin
Mission 9 Complete Mission 9 Complete 0.46
Complete Mission 9
Mikey's Pet Mikey's Pet 0.43
Earn 50% of the total Ace medals
Gift Collector Gift Collector 0.43
Collect 50% of the total gifts
Mission 8 Complete Mission 8 Complete 0.43
Complete Mission 8
Idiot Idiot 0.41
Discovered Idiot Island
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams 0.40
Unlock one of Red's memories
Vault Vault 0.40
Unlock one of Violet's memories
Mission 7 Complete Mission 7 Complete 0.39
Complete Mission 7
Mimic Mimic 0.38
Die from a Mimic's bullet
Trinity Trinity 0.38
Unlock one of Yellow's memories
Bloody Knuckles Bloody Knuckles 0.37
Deplete the Fists card
Mission 6 Complete Mission 6 Complete 0.36
Complete Mission 6
Trippy Trippy 0.32
Get killed by a Tripwire
Not very effective... Not very effective... 0.31
Use the Fists card
Mission 5 Complete Mission 5 Complete 0.31
Complete Mission 5
Mission 4 Complete Mission 4 Complete 0.27
Complete Mission 4
Clocktower Clocktower 0.27
Defeat Green at the Clocktower
Cannonball Cannonball 0.26
Stomp off of the edge of a level
Vending Machine Vending Machine 0.25
Collect ten cards from vending machines
Mission 3 Complete Mission 3 Complete 0.24
Complete Mission 3
Mission 2 Complete Mission 2 Complete 0.18
Complete Mission 2
Heavenly Delight Heavenly Delight 0.18
Redeem a Heavenly Delight Ticket
How thoughtful How thoughtful 0.17
Give your first gift
Parry Parry 0.17
Kill an enemy by parrying a bullet at them using the Katana card
Mission 1 Complete Mission 1 Complete 0.11
Complete Mission 1
Ace Ace 0.11
Earn your first Ace medal

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Clockwork Clockwork 0.88
Defeat Green at the Clocktower before he reaches the top floor
Divine Intervention Divine Intervention 0.99
Defeat Green at the Third Temple before he reaches the final stage
White's Heaven Rush Complete White's Heaven Rush Complete 1.04
Complete White's Heaven Rush
White's Hell Rush Complete White's Hell Rush Complete 1.47
Complete White's Hell Rush
Red's Heaven Rush Complete Red's Heaven Rush Complete 0.80
Complete Red's Heaven Rush
Red's Hell Rush Complete Red's Hell Rush Complete 0.92
Complete Red's Hell Rush
Violet's Heaven Rush Complete Violet's Heaven Rush Complete 0.85
Complete Violet's Heaven Rush
Violet's Hell Rush Complete Violet's Hell Rush Complete 0.97
Complete Violet's Hell Rush
Yellow's Heaven Rush Complete Yellow's Heaven Rush Complete 0.87
Complete Yellow's Heaven Rush
Yellow's Hell Rush Complete Yellow's Hell Rush Complete 1.00
Complete Yellow's Hell Rush
Mikey's Heaven Rush Complete Mikey's Heaven Rush Complete 1.10
Complete Mikey's Heaven Rush
Mikey's Hell Rush Complete Mikey's Hell Rush Complete 1.43
Complete Mikey's Hell Rush

Achievement Stats 1.23-dev
Executed 4 queries
1010.28 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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